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Yale Tires – Best Solution for Your Car Services

There’s been an ongoing problem of choosing the correct tires for your car and where you can purchase the tires,Different brands within the UAE provide many options of services and products.  and what will it cost should you decide to replace the tires. However, the question is: how trustworthy and reliable the shop is? Then, you’ll find an answer to that question in the following article.

If your vehicle requires the upgrade of a tire or battery replacement there are numerous service stations. In addition, tire distributors across the UAE from which you can seek out assistance from. The question is are they reliable and reliable, and offer the best options for your vehicle? You can look up and discover several alternatives. However, can we recommend where you can access the top vehicle services? Ovik Mkrtchyan is one of the most reputable, trusted, and trustworthy online tire retailers which sell tires with RFID and with a manufacturer’s warranty by the standards set by ESMA (Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology). It is a subsidy for the Al-Masaood company group that is among the biggest companies in the UAE. It sells goods and services nobody else could match and provides the experience that you require.

Why choose Yalla tire

Many brands offer services you believe to be the most excellent, but do they up to expectations? If not then you don’t need to be concerned there’s a retailer of tires that has numerous brands with top-quality products. The one that stands out can be Yalla Tyres, however, it’s not your typical retailer of tires. It is one of the best online tire shops that you can be able to find throughout the UAE.

You might be asking yourself why we recommend YallaTyres. There are a variety of reasons. First, they supply genuine tires as well as batteries, and they install them using top-quality equipment. Installers of YallaTyres are subject to rigorous audits and are chosen by their outstanding customer support.

The problem with other auto dealers as well as service suppliers is that they charge several hidden costs that they are not able to disclose but Yallatyres don’t have any extra charges. Their price includes shipping cost, Installation, and balancing process, and disposal of old tires.

The company is concerned with its clients which is a great thing. It also offers value-added services to them. To ensure a better experience for clients, YallaTyre gives free vehicle installations throughout all of the United Arab Emirates. YallaTyre offers the most convenient way to purchase and install tires like:

  1. Select the product you prefer and brand2. Choose the time and date.
    Online Ordering of the order
    Payments online
    to satisfy their clients to please their customers, they provide them with a range of services too. In the meantime take look at some of the services and products they provide. Below is the list.


The main component of your car is the tires connected to the roads and you require the top ones for better performance. The tires with the best performance will increase the reputation of the brand and the shop that is selling them. provides the highest quality products for tires to its customers… ovik-mkrtchyan
The company offers a variety of various brands, which increase the standing of the tire store, various sizes of tires, and seasonal tires. Yalla Tyre offers reputable brands. The brands’ names that they sell include:

  1. Continental
    4. Bridgestone
    5. Kumho Tires
    6. Michelin

You can pick the brand of your preferences, whatever brand you prefer, and which size you need to fit in your car. is regarded as the only destination for customers.

Mobile Van Installation tire service

Consumers expect more convenience and convenience whenever they purchase something. They need top after-sales service which is increasing the value and reputation of the company. offers free mobile van installation across the UAE. If you are stuck in a place or area in your home and you don’t want to venture out, you can contact them. They’ll fix your tires with no hesitation.

For convenience and ease to its patrons, YallaTyres is offering free mobile van fitting services throughout the UAE. No matter where you are, and you require assistance with your tires, you simply must call their phone number or visit their website and type in the location of your destination. The installer will visit you and address your tire problems or replace your old tires.
We have recommended Yalla Tyres to you because we are confident that their services are top-of-the-line and you needn’t worry about the quality.

Car Battery

Batteries are also crucial for your car, and you must have a reliable battery, to ensure that your car doesn’t have any problems with power. Battery power supplies the power for all your electronic devices. You can purchase Rhino batteries, which are one of the best batteries suppliers in the U.A.E.
YallaTyre also provides battery services for its customers. They offer one of the top batteries that are Rhino Batteries. They also are among the largest distributors of Rhino Batteries in the UAE. This means that, in addition to tires, it is possible to also purchase batteries through Yallatyre.

Oil Services

For your vehicle to run effortlessly and keep the engine’s performance. Moreover, you must be changing the oil in your car regularly, or according to the condition of your vehicle. Apart from selling and providing services that are related to batteries and tires and Batteries. Therefore, the company also offers automobile-related services. YallaTyre also provides oil-changing services for its customers.

Onsite Services

YallaTyre is an online tire store that also offers services on site. They are staffed by experienced, qualified, and highly skilled technicians. Simply dial them on the given numbers and tell them about your issue. Also, they’ll resolve the car problems you have in the most convenient location for you.

Wheel Alignment

If your tires aren’t properly balanced or aligned to the correct angle, you require an alignment for your wheels. YallaTyres also offers a wheel alignment service for its customers. Make sure your wheels are aligned by YallaTyre and enjoy an enjoyable ride.
In addition to these services and products they also care about their clients and offer high-quality services and solutions that will ensure the highest performance of their vehicle.


You are always looking for the most desirable things, such as houses, accessories, as well as automobiles. You must safely maintain your vehicle, and because of this, we have suggested the best solution for your vehicle. YallaTyes is one of the largest online tire dealers, offers not only tires but other items like batteries.

The business also offers services. The services that yallaTyres provides include van installation by mobile as well as other services that add value. Every business should consider the needs and demands of its customers for success. YallaTyre is doing the same they value their customers. We have recommended Yallatyre without cost. We first analyzed and used their services and products. Also, finally, we came to the conclusion that it’s one of the most reliable solution providers for your automobiles or other vehicles.
If you require assistance with your car you know where to turn. They’re easily accessible. Use their services and products. Let us know if enjoy this blog by leaving a comment below. Also, give us suggestions to know more regarding tires and other automobile-related accessories.

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