What’s going on with our first NFT gaming project?

NFT game development company: It’s all about NFTs and metaverses in 2022, according to some game development trends. We are interested in this as a game developer and publisher, but from a somewhat different perspective: we want to focus on gameplay and replay value.

The play-to-earn market still resembles the Wild West. While the model’s practicality is still debatable, some 2022 game development tendencies are already apparent: NFTs and metaverses are the order of the day. As a game creator and publisher, we’re interested in this as well, but from a slightly different perspective: we’d like to focus on gameplay and replay value rather than blockchain pet-breeding capabilities, which are common in NFT games.

That’s why, instead of starting from scratch, we built Axes Metaverse — a project from our colleagues at Whitepalms Developments Ltd — on the already successful battle royale game, which has over 35 million downloads across mobile devices and consoles. The new project is still in the works, but we performed two public presales of the first NFT characters in December 2021 and February 2022, both of which sold out in minutes.

Following that, we’ll discuss the metaverse, game design, game economics, and what’s new in development.

Why are NFTs used?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have been gaining traction for several years, particularly in the gaming industry. This is the main reason why various companies have shifted their interests towards NFT. various new NFT game development company have emerged and created a hype in the market.

Nearly half of all NFTs in circulation were used to buy gaming items a year ago. Although the value of token-based artwork may raise certain concerns (most notably because anybody may reproduce a “unique” picture), NFTs in a game mean that, for example, you are the sole owner of a specific weapon with its own attributes, history, and appearance.

Here’s an example from real life: two people can buy the same automobile model, yet they will be two different cars. Someone could be hesitant to part with their existing car if they are offered one that is identical. If the car was once owned by a celebrity, the value of the car on the aftermarket can rise. This means a new level of collecting, sharing, trading, and participation for ataşehir escort gamedev.

Another advantage is that blockchain games can be used to make real money. Even before NFTs, people in EVE Online were selling spaceships for absurdly high prices, but the new set of rules suggests that you can earn tokens for daily activities, staking (keeping the blockchain functioning by simply putting your coins in a crypto wallet), tournament results, and so on.

The first presale and game economics

Players will be able to withdraw their earned in-game currency to a crypto-exchange or spend it on in-game items and bonuses. Some assets’ owners will be able to mine the Metaverse cash passively (mining efficiency will depend on character rarity).

A deflationary economy will support the value of in-game assets and currency; for example, upgrading a character will require permanently burning a token.

We started the first public presale of NFT character chests aka GAO towards the end of December 2021. (Game Asset Offering). In the following proportions, 4500 chests were made public:

There were 3000 chests available for purchase (67 percent of the total).

A 11% marketing reserve was set aside (500 chests).

The remaining 1000 chests (22% of the total) were set aside as a partner reserve.

The first thousand crates sold out in under a minute, and the GAO took less than half an hour to complete. A second presale was held at the beginning of February, with similar numbers, indicating that the players are really interested.

NFT Gaming: A Quick Overview

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital games that have been converted into NFTs and are ready to be sold on the market in the gaming industry. This covers gaming characters, avatars, and other similar characters. On the other hand, NFT games will share many of the same properties as NFTs in general. Furthermore, depending on the genre or category, each NFT game will be unique.

Let’s look at some of the characteristics of NFTs in gaming

  • Transparency

Tokenizing digital gaming assets ensures transparency, which is especially important given the popularity of non-fungible tokens. This implies that users may keep track of transactions recorded on the blockchain, a form of digital ledger. This, on the other hand, symbolizes permanence and stability.

  • Transactions that have been verified

NFTs ensure that both gamers and developers have access to real-time, verifiable transactions in the gaming industry.

  • Rarity

Each NFT can be identified by a unique identifying code, as is well known. One such identifying attribute is rarity. It will be the most important aspect in the product’s popularity and prospective expansion.

  • Smart Contracts

Decentralization is ensured by the smart contract, which eliminates the need for middlemen and thus prevents cyber-attacks and hacking. So, this confirms that the performance is safe and secure.

  • Liquidity

Better liquidity will be ensured by the speedy tradability. It will refer to how simple it is to convert a digital asset into fiat currency at a market price.

Is It Possible To Create An NFT Gaming Platform?

Creating an NFT gaming platform in the blockchain era will never be a challenging task. On a more general level, there are two different routes to take in order to grow the NFT gaming market. The first option is to build the platform from the ground up, which takes a lot of time, effort, and money. A white-label NFT gaming marketplace, on the other hand, will have advantages like quick setup, low costs, and the ability to use any blockchain network.

What Is The Best Way To Get Started With NFT Game Development?

Do you have any thoughts on tokenizing gaming assets in any way? Do you have a plan to start the NFT gaming marketplace? Take advantage of NFT’s game creation services. Choosing the finest service provider for converting your digital game assets into NFTs or constructing the gaming trading platform is the first step.

The Following are the steps that must be followed throughout the development of the NFT Gaming Platform.

When it comes to developing the NFT gaming platform, the actions listed below should be given top attention.

  • Designing

It is the initial stage of the process in which you must choose a genre for your project. Examining the use cases and selecting the games where NFT is appropriate would be required.

  • Development

Following the design stage, the development stage, which includes both the front-end and back-end, begins. Prior to that, a blockchain network must be selected. The Ethereum blockchain is the most popular. Aside from these, there are certain blockchain networks to consider before hiring NFT gaming platform development services, such as Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Azure, and Stellar.

 React, Vue, and Angular are the frameworks to consider. Node.js could be the backend language of choice. Integration of cryptocurrency wallets is unquestionably important. Ensure that the most popular crypto wallets are favored for platform customers’ comfort.

  • Testing and launching

Before releasing the NFT games on the blockchain network of your choice, they must be thoroughly vetted. Even though it began shortly after the launch, the work has not yet been completed. It would be critical to conduct marketing initiatives.

The Advantages of Using An NFT Gaming Platform

  • The launch of the NFT gaming platform will provide entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity to establish themselves in the blockchain area.
  • The token’s value will eventually rise due to increased demand.
  • It’s possible that the platform owner will offer awards to gamers.
  • The greater usefulness can be attributed to the NFT gaming platform’s transparency.
  • Gamers, for example, could have the ability to generate in-game assets, multiple revenue opportunities, privacy and protection, and so on.


To summarise, everybody who seizes the opportunity can profit from the current trend. The fact that NFT is revolutionising the gaming industry will undoubtedly encourage you to keep developing NFT games. If you are looking for a top notch NFT minting website development company then Suffescom Solutions is here to assist you for the same.

Giving virtual items and people genuine value isn’t a new concept – see World of Warcraft or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Blockchain-based games are distinguished by the fact that game assets are connected to players’ personal wallets and will remain there even if the project is shut down. As a result, there are a slew of intriguing options, including metaverse add-ons, currency mining and farming mechanics, and using your own NFTs for a variety of uses. This works for both casual players and businesses wishing to conduct a crossover in theory.

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