What is the syllabus of IIT Advanced?

IIT Bombay has released the JEE Advanced Syllabus 2022 in PDF format at Interested candidates can check it out here. JEE Advanced Syllabus 2022: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, chapter-by-chapter in PDF format. Applicants can go through the JEE Advanced 2022 Syllabus to check important topics and chapters and get acquainted with the exam pattern. The official date is that the JEE Advanced 2022 exam will be conducted on August 28th.

Candidates preparing for the exam must consult the JEE Advanced 2022 official curriculum. Along with the syllabus of IIT Advanced, candidates must also be aware of the given JEE Advanced exam pattern. So that he can already know what the pattern of the exam is. When preparing for the exam, candidates must keep practicing JEE Advanced mock tests. You must go through the syllabus thoroughly to prepare you well for the JEE Advanced Exam 2022. Along with the syllabus of IIT Advanced, it is also important for the candidates to be aware of the JEE Advanced exam pattern. Aspirants must keep practicing JEE Advanced mock tests to prepare for the exam.

What are the subjects in JEE Advanced?

Let us tell you which subjects are there in JEE Advanced. It consists of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, declared by the examination authority in the JEE Advanced syllabus. The syllabus for JEE Advanced is very vast. That is why the candidates are asked to start their preparation as soon as possible. Before you start your preparation, we tell you that you should read the JEE Advanced syllabus and understand all the concepts included in it very well. So that you don’t have any problems, that helps you to transform those concepts according to the time so that you can pay more attention to those subjects.

Is IIT Advanced difficult?

Out of which, only 1.5 JEE Main rank holders who want to study at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) will sit for JEE Advanced, which is considered the toughest exam to pass.

One of the hardest tests in the world is thought to be JEE Advanced.

This test is taken to test a candidate’s ability to think analytically.

In this, no direct questions are asked from NCERT books.

The questions asked in this are distorted as they are intended to test the thinking process of the candidate. which is the main objective of this exam.

JEE Advanced Syllabus

The JEE Advanced syllabus is very similar to JEE Main. However, a weighting inequality does occur.

For classes 11th and 12th, JEE Advanced consists of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

As a result, all the candidates can consult NCERT books and JEE Advanced-specific books, which would be good for you.

paper pattern

JEE Advanced is a computer-based entrance exam with multiple choice questions (MCQs).

Candidates have to complete two articles with a time limit of three hours.


In this article, you have been told in detail about the syllabus of IIT Advanced. Through which you get to know about the syllabus of IIT Advance and you will also get to know about the questions related to it through this article. If you are looking for a coaching center for JEE preparation, you can get information by clicking on the link given by us. Whatever we have told you in this article, we have told you good things about the syllabus of IIT Advanced. After reading this, you will understand and you will also get the answers to related questions through this article.

syllabus of IIT

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