What is The HDFC Home Loan Interest Rate For 25 Lac. for 15 Years?

Many people dream of owning a house in their ideal cities. This dream generally remains unfulfilled due to many reasons. However, this dream can be made true with the help of a home loan. With the help of a home loan, these goals can come true. In order to fulfil your dream, you can apply for an HDFC home loan. HDFC offers home loans with low-interest rates with an easy application process. Along with that, you can enjoy tax benefits on both the interest you pay as well as the loan amount you repay, in addition to low-interest rates. HDFC Ltd. offers home loans with interest rates as low as 6.70%p.a. and the loan tenure can range up to 30 years. EMI starts at INR 646 per lakh. However, these rates can differ depending on the applicant’s personal attributes.

The standard HDFC home loan interest rates are shown in the table below:

HDFC Home Loan Interest Rate
HDFC Home Loan 6.70% p.a. onwards
HDFC Rural Housing Loan 6.95% p.a. To 8.70% p.a.
HDFC Home Improvement Loan 6.75% p.a. To 8% p.a. 
HDFC Home Extension Loan 6.75% p.a. To 8% p.a.
HDFC Home Loan Top Up 8.30% p.a. To 8.80% p.a.
HDFC Plot Loan 7.05% p.a. To 8.10% p.a.
HDFC Home Loan Balance Transfer 6.75% p.a. To 8% p.a.
HDFC NRI Home Loan 6.75% p.a. To 8% p.a.
HDFC Reach Home Loan 8.75% p.a. To 14% p.a.

HDFC Home Loan Interest Calculator

You can use the HDFC home loan calculator to calculate your EMI as well as to know the interest rate that is being charged on your home loan application. If it is a standard HDFC home loan then the interest rate shall be around 6.70% p.a. However, the interest rate can change based on a lot of factors. Some of those factors that can influence your interest rate are as follows:

Loan Tenure

If you are looking for a large house loan, you may be able to negotiate with the bank for a lesser interest rate to be charged on your application. HDFC BankI, on the other hand, is unlikely to raise its interest rates because home loans are often issued for lengthier loan terms. However, based on the application, HDFC might consider modifying their home loan interest rate.


HDFC is more likely to provide you a lower home loan interest rate if your CIBIL score is high. You can ask the HDFC bank for a lower rate of interest if you have a good CIBIL score and a good payment history. You have a strong repayment history if you have never defaulted on any of your previous loans.

Down Payments

The home loan amount being INR 25 Lac. it depends on how much amount you are willing to pay as the down payment of your home loan. The larger your down payment amount is the lower amount you will borrow resulting in paying less amount of overall interest compared to the original home loan of INR 25 Lac. Similarly, if you do not pay a down payment or pay a less amount as your down payment, then you will borrow a higher amount which would result in paying high amounts of overall interest.

Personal Relationships with the Bank

If you have an old HDFC account and have a good relationship with the HDFC bank branch where you keep your account and are applying for a home loan, this is a plus. Then there’s a chance you’ll be able to get a fantastic deal on a home loan. You can also work with HDFC Bank to negotiate the terms of your house loan, including the interest rate that will be charged on your application.

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