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What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that is operated by Microsoft for application management. It provides software services, platform services, and infrastructure services that support many different programming languages, and tools, and the framework includes Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems. 

Microsoft Azure users can use virtual machines and fractures services that launch general-purpose Microsoft Windows and Linux virtual machines. Developers can easily publish and manage their websites with the help of app services and platform services. Developers can build their sites by using their ASP, NET, PHP, Node, js, Java, and Python. Customers also can create their website with the help of PHP, ASP.NET, Node, js, and Python. 

Azures offers a variety of services

It is an interoperable cloud computing service that includes open- services, standards-based technology, and proprietary solutions, the structure is based on the billing structures. Azures offers a variety of other services such as 

  • Azure Kubernetes services
  • Azure blockchain services
  • Azure digital twins
  • Azure orbital
  • Azure arc

Kubernetes services allow business enterprises to create and manage Kubernetes clusters and theory includes creating, scaling, and upgrading features that developers can focus on in their applications. 

Blockchain services allow your businesses to build, govern, and expand networks at scales. The features simplify the formation, management, and governance of blockchain networks. So that developers can focus on business logic and application developments.

The digital twin’s services provide tools that are necessary to model the relationship between people, place, and services. It represents a physical environment. And it is known as the spatial intelligence graph.

Orbital services allow an organization with satellites and spacecraft to communicate and process data from that craft without having its satellites. The arc services allow an organization to expand Azure’s infrastructures across multiple environments.  

The services compete with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure’s strengths are ease of transition to the organization and looking to migrate from the other Microsoft products. Sharepoint and integrate tightly with existing windows deployments. Azures is the most compelling option for a seamless transition cloud. It was the first public cloud platform with a FedRAMP P-ATO. It also heavily touts compliance certification for government users.

Popular companies like Scale, Google, Amazon, and IBM are capable of handling any amount of data or computer tasks. It is the most extensive portfolio of cloud services. Google strengths machine learning, big data tools, and extensive container support. Cloud provides a wide open for a tailored solution which is available from GE Predix. 

How can I get Microsoft Azure? 

For startups, the Microsoft Azure program offers a free azure for two years. It is eligible to depend upon collaboration with a startup accelerator. Microsoft, partnering with over 200 startups and accelerators in 47 countries. Students can learn the program within 12 months and we can access over 25 free products. It includes virtual machines, file storage, and SQL databases for the first 12 months.  

In the year of 2016, Microsoft company pledged cloud services to universities and nonprofits organization. And the eligible organization can register for free access at Microsoft. AI services can be used for 12 months freely and permanently free use for more than 25 Azure services. 

The developers can build their cloud application for mobile devices which support notification services of back-end tasks and tools for building application program interfaces. We can store structured data and Microsoft Azure unstructured data and also it supports large data projects. 


Microsoft Azure consists of several services. The cloud is one of the most popular for Microsoft Azure. Azure is commonly used for hosting databases in the clouds, and many organizations use azure storage. 


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