What is CDN Security? Advantages and disadvantages of CDN

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a system that quickly delivers your site content to the user. If you have hosted Hostgator or Bluehost or any other site, they all have the same data center. And it is hosted in the same place.

CDN Security

There are many CDN services that provide other security services including SSL. For example, Cloudflare provides SSL service for free. Also, because it is a cash server, even if you attack your website, it doesn’t work. Because your site does not operate from a dedicated server, the attack does not work properly.

However, using CDN does not mean that your website will never be hacked. Between September 2016 and February 2017, Cloudflare suffered an attack called “CloudBleed HTTPS traffic leak”.

This led to the leak of data from about 6 million Cloudflare CDN-used websites. The main reason behind this is that CDN uses a shared network şişli escort connection. In this way, if you get network access in any way, you can take access to all the websites in that network.

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Advantages and disadvantages of CDN

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of CDN.


  1. Fast website loading speed
  2.  Reduces bandwidth costs
  3. Fast content is guaranteed
  4. Improves website security
  5. The whole world can be reached quickly
  6. Local cash servers all over the world can be used for a small amount of money
  7. Website is always online 24/7
  8. Reduces server load time
  9. Detailed analytics data is available on the website
  10. Minifying files can save storage on the server


  1. Uses shared network connections
  2. Proxies or VPN connections often block the site
  3. So far, not every country in the world has a full-fledged cash server distribution
  4. Website management is a bit complicated


  • Do I have to use CDN?

Using a CDN depends on your needs. Suppose you have an affiliate website and its targeted visitors are from the US. Now you don’t have to show that website all over the world. In that case, you will no longer need to use a separate CDN if you have server storage located in the US.

  • Is CDN just for WordPress?

CDN for all types of websites. There are no special rules here. You can use CDN on any CMS or website without CMS as per your requirement.

  • Can CDN be used for free?

Yes, CDN can be used both free and paid. However, the work is done for free. But in order to use the advanced feature, you have to use paid.

  • Is CDN secure?

Yes, CDN is a secure system. CDN system security and user experience are improving with the advancement of technology.

The world’s largest websites use CDN to cover the whole world. If you have an international website, it would be wise to use the CDN service. In addition, if the website has a lot of visitors, then CDN is important to handle these extra visitors. Hopefully, after writing this you have a clear idea about CDN.

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