What are control valves and their different kinds?

The control valve is a valve that is used for controlling the fluid’s control through differing the size of the passage flow as directed with the help of a signal from a controller. It enables direct control of the flow rate along with consequential control of quantities like temperature, pressure & liquid level. The utility control valves help in reducing water loss and add to efficient water supply management through maintenance of certain pressure, level or flow.

The control valves perform by opening or closing either partially or fully when signals are collected from controllers. The utility control valves efficiently assist to control the temperature or flow of the liquid and it is the reason why they are not only used in the oil and gas industries but also used at the homes for controlling water flow.

Why are control valves important?

From the perspective of the environment, a huge amount of water is lost. For treating and distributing water, energy is also lost. In the water utility sector, water gets “Lost” via theft, leakages or some inaccuracies of the meter. The utility control valves can act as a saviour and guarantee pressure management in the network. The automatic control valves are used for obtaining effective flow management and pressure that results in:

a) Less water loss via leakages

b) Less risk of water hammer or pipe burst

c) Risk of contamination also gets reduced

d) Ultimately cost is saved for utility companies.

What are the most important advantages of control valves?

There are numerous advantages of using control valves. A few of them are mentioned below.

1) Operation is automatic

The most vital benefit provided by the utility control valves is – It helps in controlling the closing as well as the opening process of the fluid in an automatic way. It is the reason why users do not have to be much careful in opening or closing control valves manually when they are installed.

2) Installation is hassle-free

Another big advantage of using the control valves is – they are completely easy to install. You can install these control valves effortlessly on the faucets with no assistance from a plumber or manufacturer. The control valves save time for the users.

3) Lessens wastage

As the operation process of the utility control valve is automatic, there is a huge reduction in resource wastage. Regardless of using them at homes or manufacturing processes. Due to their efficient working, wastage of resources is very less. In a study, it has been revealed that control valves can help in saving water up to 85%. Is it not that every person wants?

4) No congestion

Let us talk about another benefit of control valves. These valves never obstruct the fluid’s flow. Dust, deposit, small particles etc. never clog the fluid’s flow because of the perfect design of utility control valves.

5) Friendly to ecology

Almost every business and industry is under pressure in meeting the ecological standards. They can become friendly to ecology by using the control valves and lessening the wastage of natural resources.

Different kinds of control valves:

Not every kind of valve can be used as the control valve but has to be used completely based on the applications and services. Those are:

a) Linear motion

The linear motion valves contain a closure member moving in a linear motion that modifies the rate of flow via the valve. The most common linear motion valves are: Gate valves, globe valves, Diaphragm valves and pinch valves.

b) Rotary motion

The rotary control valves are directional control valves that actuate in rotary motion. These valves ensure zero leak performance with high pressure.

Special control valves:

The standard control valves handle a broad range of applications but have a glance at some special valves used in extreme controlling applications:

> High capacity control valves

The high capacity control valves include ball valves, butterfly valves and globe style valves and as the size of the valve increases, loads of static pressure also increases.

> Low-flow control valves

The low-flow control valves are used mainly in the laboratories and also in the processing industries where controlling extremely fewer flow rates are needed.

>High-temperature control valves

The high-temperature control valves are constructed for services at a temperature above 232°C.

So you have come to know how control valves are important in any industry, especially in the utility sector. The utility control valves are helpful in regulating flow rates or pressure. There are different types of control valves according to varied applications. You can reach out to a reliable control valve supplier.


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