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Chronic insomnia can be defined fitness as difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep, excessive waking early, or having trouble with sleep. About 6% to 10% of Americans suffer from insomnia, making it the most common sleeping disorder.

Aerobic Exercise

Exercise is known to help you sleep. However, it is important that it is done correctly and at the right time. Although exercise has been shown to improve sleep quality, little research fitnessmeetsfrosting has been done on the effects of exercise on chronic insomnia.

Studies (Passos, et. al. 2010, Guilleminault, et. al. 1995; Passos, et. al. 2011, Reid et. al. 2010) have shown that exercise fitnessmeetsfrosting can improve sleep quality in people with chronic insomnia. Studies fitness showed that people with chronic insomnia experienced a shorter  time to fall asleep and a longer sleep duration when they did moderate aerobic exercise like walking.

However, intense exercise like running or weight lifting didn’t improve sleep patterns. The results of these studies fitnessmeetsfrosting fitness showed that consistent exercise for 4-24 weeks resulted in better sleep outcomes than those who did not exercise.


Although science has not yet found the answer to why or how exercise promotes sleep, there are several theories. fitnessmeetsfrosting One hypothesis is that exercise increases body heat and promotes sleep.

Another option is exercise, which can relieve insomnia, because it lowers anxiety and depression. These are fitnessmeetsfrosting mall often linked to insomnia.

Exercise can also affect the circadian rhythms, or the body’s clock. This may allow people suffering from insomnia to adjust their timings depending on when they exercise.

Although more research is necessary to determine the causal relationship between exercise and sleeplessness, we don’t need to know why. Exercise has other health benefits, and should be part of every person’s daily routine.


Inability to relax the body and mind is one of the main fitnessmeetsfrosting causes of insomnia. Yoga is a great activity to do before you go to bed. Yoga is a combination of specific postures, breathing fitness techniques, and meditation that can calm the mind and body. You will feel more flexible , and your body won’t experience the aches and pains that can sometimes interrupt your sleep.

Yoga can be stimulating and some may not be suitable for sleep. Hatha yoga, a type of yoga that is great for relaxation, is easy to learn and even for beginners. Hatha yoga is a type of yoga that emphasizes breathing and relaxation. It fitnessmeetsfrosting will induce sleep in anyone who does it.

Five specific yoga exercises promote better sleep. These poses can be performed right before bed to help you fall asleep faster.

Side-Down – For approximately two minutes, lie on your back near a wall for six inches. Your legs should be straight up and parallel to the wall. Take a deep breath and hold it for approximately two minutes before moving onto the next position.
Turn your body to the right and sit cross-legged. Take a deep breath and then switch sides. As you look over your shoulder, place one hand behind your back and the other on the knee. Relax for a few minutes and then continue this motion.
Night time goddess stretch Lie down on your back, and place your feet together. Bend at the knee. Your knees should be as far as possible from the sides. Your arms should be at your sides, palms up. If you have trouble opening your knees fully,

place a pillow under each knee.
Child’s Pose – Sit on your heels, then bend forward so your forehead touches the mattress. Your arms extend high above your head. You can hold this pose for as long as 7 minutes, while you take deep and slow breaths.
Roll-a-bye -Lie down on your stomach and grab your legs at the ankle.

Your knees should be under your head.

. For about one minute, squeeze yourself into a “ball” shape and rock back-and-forth for approximately 30 seconds. Relax your arms and legs, and you will fall into a peaceful and restful sleep.

These exercises can also be done at night to help with insomnia and improve sleep quality.. They can all induce fitness relaxation and help you drift into sleep.

Tai Chi Or Qi Gong for Sleep

fitness These mind-body exercises improve balance and flexibility, as well as calm the mind. Tai Chi allows the life energy (qi), to freely flow throughout the body, and promotes relaxation and peace. You can learn Tai Chi by watching a DVD or taking a class.

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