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Travel and Leisure

Travel Guide To Goa: Best Time To Visit And Places To Visit In Goa

Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India and has a lot to offer visitors from all over the world. Goa Tourism is delighted to advertise its beaches, national parks, hills, markets, backwaters, churches and other attractions. This travel guide to Goa will help you with everything you need to know for a comfortable trip to Goa. There are hundreds of churches in Goa because the population is overwhelmingly Christian and the state is not very multicultural. The well-known location is also well-known for its water activities, including water skiing, kitesurfing, parasailing, and more. You can enjoy everything in Goa by just booking the Goa tour package offered by Lock Your Trip. 

A tour to Goa is perfect to go for a short trip. Your trip to Goa won’t be complete if you miss out on experiencing the fantastic nightlife in this area. You should also experience eating some Goan food. The location guarantees a fantastic vacation from the busy life and delivers plenty of entertainment and relaxation at the same time. After reading this travel guide to Goa, you will be able to enjoy the destination to the fullest. There are two districts within its 3702 square kilometre area: North Goa and South Goa. With a land area of more than 3,700 km2 and a population of over 1.4 million, Goa is a tiny state by Indian standards. It is a remarkable fusion of Portuguese and Indian social orders that draws an average of 2.5 million tourists annually. 

How Many Days To Spend In Goa? 

In this section of this travel guide to Goa, you will get to know how many days you should spend in Goa. The answer is determined by how much of Goa you wish to see. You’ll need at least 10 to 14 days in Goa to thoroughly see the entire area. However, you can see all of Goa’s top tourist attractions in three to four days. However, we would advise you to stay in Goa for 5-7 days in order to experience the culture, see some of the top beaches, and enjoy the benefits of all else the state has to offer. 

How To Reach Goa

Goa has excellent air, train, and road connections to India’s major cities and other regions. Additionally, it has a railway station, an international airport, and highways that connect it to the rest of India. In this section of this travel guide to Goa, below is a description of the best ways to get to Goa via air, rail, and road. 

By Air: Flights are offered to all the main cities in India and overseas from Dabolim Airport, popularly known as Goa International Airport. About 30 kilometres separate it from Panaji, Goa’s capital. From the airport, visitors can hire taxis and other private cars.

By Train: Vasco Da Gama and Madgaon Railway Stations in Goa link the state to all of the main Indian cities, including New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Patna, and Agra.

By Road: Goa is linked to the important Indian cities via the highways NH 66, NH 366, NH 566, and NH 78. Goa is linked to Bangalore and Mumbai by NH 4 and Mangalore via NH 17.

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Best Time To Visit Goa

The most popular vacation spot in India has distinct seasons. Goa experiences a tropical climate, which means that the monsoon season is active and the summers are scorching. In Goa, winter is the busiest travel period. At this time, tourists from all over the world swarm the area to work on their tans. Goa’s mild winters provide the ideal climate for lazing on the beach without becoming sick or burned by the sun. In this section of this travel guide to Goa, we will mention every season to let you choose the best time to visit Goa. 

Summer: Compared to other seasons, summer is the most reasonable time to visit Goa. The summertime temperature increases significantly, nearly reaching 40 °C. The Arabian Sea’s beautiful waves are still inviting for a swim. The best part is that everything will be offered at fantastic savings. from purchasing hotels and plane tickets to planning exciting excursions and delectable meals. During the summer, you may also engage in adventure sports like parasailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, and snorkelling. 

Monsoon: One of the finest times to organise a trip to Goa is during the monsoon. Rain-washed greenery dominates the area, bringing the scenery to life. And its magnificent waterfalls thunder down violently. The Dudhsagar waterfall in particular becomes breathtaking. Trekking, seeing spice plantations, participating in Ayurvedic treatments, sightseeing, festivals, etc. are all excellent reasons to travel to this lovely vacation spot this time of year. One of the most sought-after seasons to plan a romantic honeymoon in Goa is during the monsoon. 

Winter: Winter is the busiest and most ideal season to visit Goa. The ideal time of year to enjoy Goa’s beauty is winter. The ideal weather with lots of warmth makes it ideal to relax on the beaches in this area. This time of year, there are a lot of water activities available. This season offers a variety of adventurous activities.

Where To Stay In Goa

Hostels: The state of Goa is home to several backpacker hostels due to its popularity as a travel destination. The majority of Goa’s hostels are found in North Goa, close to Vagator, Anjuna, Candolim, and Arambol. Similar to this, South Goa’s well-known beaches also have dormitories. Usually, a dorm bed costs between INR 400 and INR 800.

Goa Tourism Hotels: Look at the Goa tourism hotels if you’re looking for accommodations that offer the bare minimum in terms of comfort and facilities on a tight budget. The state government of Goa operates hotels in Panaji, Old Goa, Calangute, Mapusa, Colva, and a few other locations around the state. Visit the GTDC website to make reservations at the Goa tourism hotels.

Budget Hotels In Goa: There are plenty of inexpensive hotels in Goa, despite the fact that it is a well-known tourist destination in India. Anywhere in Goa, whether in South Goa or North Goa, you may find affordable accommodations. 

Goa Beach Shacks: The Goa beach shacks are a popular accommodation option in Goa. Although there are beach shacks on practically every beach in Goa, the Palolem beach shacks are the most well-known. 

Resorts In Goa: While there are several resorts in North Goa, We strongly advise staying at a resort in South Goa. This is because South Goa experiences fewer visitors overall than North Goa, which makes living there even more calm and pleasant. However, there are further serene hotels in North Goa. 

Travelling in Goa

The most well-liked and affordable mode of transportation in Goa is via renting a two-wheeler. Taxi fares in Goa are typically high, which is a sad truth. This is why exploring Goa on a two-wheeler is both inexpensive and enjoyable. In comparison to hiring a motorbike like a Royal Enfield for a day, a scooty normally costs INR 200–250. 

What To Wear In Goa

You can dress however you want in Goa compared to most of North India. Bikinis and shorts or short skirts are appropriate beach attire; maxi dresses, knee-length skirts, elegant shirts, and pants are appropriate tourist attire. 

Basic Information About Goa

Language: Goa’s native tongue is Konkani. In addition, English is widely spoken in this region. Remember that Hindi is not widely spoken in the country.

ATMs: The cities have a lot of ATMs. However, finding an ATM in a village or in a location far from major cities may be difficult.

Petrol Pumps: The situation at petrol stations is similar to that at ATMs.

Currency exchange: The Goa International Airport has counters, and there are several exchange locations across the cities and popular tourist destinations. 

Places To Visit In Goa

When visiting Goa, you may have been overwhelmed by the sheer number of tourist attractions accessible in such a small section of the country. Because of its tourism attractions that contradict the island’s size, Goa is a haven for visitors from all over the world. With over 50 beaches to pick from, you’ll be sure to keep your cameras active while you relax. In this portion of our Goa travel guide, we will discuss the top 5 sites to see in Goa for your next visit.

Panaji: Panaji is the state capital of Goa and is a gorgeous area with breathtaking vistas to offer. It is located along the Mandovi River’s banks. The historical importance and tranquillity add to the aura’s charm. There are still Portuguese vestiges visible. The Portuguese established the first medical college in India, one of the first in all of Asia, at Panaji. 

Vasco Da Gama: Vasco Da Gama, which the Portuguese founded in 1543, has developed into a significant industrial hub in Goa. Visit Goa if you want to gain an understanding of the people’s culture and way of life. 

Calangute: Calangute is located in the north of Goa and is a great place to stretch and revive your weary spirits. After being home to a predominantly hippie population, Calangute Beach now welcomes you to appreciate the spectacular beauty of the area. Because of its splendour, nature enthusiasts refer to this place as heaven on earth. 

Mapusa: If the beaches drew you here, you’ll adore Mapusa, which is closer to Goa’s most famous beaches. The Mapusa weekly market, which opens every Friday, is well-known for the wide range of products it supplies.

Margao: The second-largest city in the country is Margao, which is the oldest city in Goa. Additionally, it serves as Goa’s commercial hub.This area of Goa is a significant religious hub with several sites of worship.

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Akshay Kumar is a travel enthusiast who loves to visit the most popular as well as offbeat places in the world. He loves to share his travel experiences with fellow travelers.

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