Top 10 Tips and Tricks That Makes You Play Carrom Like A Pro

Carrom is a popular game that can be played all over the world and is one of your best childhood games. You probably had family and friends to play with earlier. The game is now available online on a variety of digital platforms, so you can play with strangers from all over the globe from the comfort of home.

This game was developed in India in 18th-century India. It requires concentration and good angle sense. This game is so popular that many cafes and clubs host tournaments and regularly compete in the competition. Even if you play for hours, players claim that the game is never boring. Calculate the probability using the probability calculator. And you can find the probability calculator.

After speaking with some experienced players, we have compiled a list full of tips and tricks that will ensure you win every game.

These are the 10 best tips and tricks to win online carrom game.

Carrom is an indoor tabletop card game that is entirely based on your skill. The angle of strike chosen and the ability of the player to win all the pieces with the queen are what determine who wins the game. Although it can be difficult to win, there are simple tricks and tips that will help you win every game.

1. Side Shot

Side shots are one of the most common tricks to get your game pieces. This simple trick allows you to move away from your opponent’s game pieces. Side shots are when you hit a striker so that it pushes the pieces in the opposite direction of the original hit, making it more difficult for your opponents to take that game piece.

If it’s possible, you can push your piece into the pocket. This trick is generally used by players to be safer.

2. Middle Shot

The middle shot can only be played if the carrom-game pieces are in the center, i.e. The game starts when the middle shot is played. You must simultaneously hit 2 pieces of the game, but you can flick the striker whenever there is a space between them.

You might be able to have two pieces at once if you leave enough space between them.

3. Cut and take

This carrom trick is useful when you have to cut carrom in a different direction. At the same time, one of your game pieces will be pocketed in this turn.

It would be very easy to get another game piece with your next shot.

4. Thumb Hot

It is understandable that your fingers may start to hurt after a while as a beginner. Thumb hot is a great technique to make your striker stronger. To make it thumping hot, use your thumb and index fingers to form a circle. For a stronger shot, move your thumb towards the striker.

5. Alley-Oop

You know how exciting the game can be when played in doubles. Alley Oop can be used when playing in doubles. Your partner will get to keep your game pieces.

Sometimes you may know that the game pieces can move in a direction that makes it easy to pocket, but those game pieces are unlikely to be yours. This shot is a saving grace for you and your partner that you can use.

6. Second Hit

You have to be a little smarter than your opponent when it comes to winning. Sometimes it is necessary to keep two pieces of the game at once. If your game piece is blocking the view of another, you can use the second hit.

You must hit the blocker (which is the game piece) hard enough to make it go through the blocker. Both of them will be taken in one shot.

7. Board shot

This shot is for advanced players who are familiar with the game. The striker must touch three sides of the board so that the game piece can be pocketed between the strikes.

8. Take a Cut

The cut shot is directed at the board’s center game piece. This requires you to place your striker in either the left or right corner of the baseline, but to have the striker slide in the opposite direction.

This allows you to pocket the center game piece directly into your pocket.

9. Double Shot

Double shots can only be taken if the game piece is located near the middle of the board. The striker must be flicked so that it hits the opposing side of the board. After it collides with the board, it returns to your pocket.

10. Backshot

If your game piece is near the baseline, but you are following the rules, it’s not allowed to hit the striker in the opposite direction. We can see why someone might want to take the game piece that is too close to the pocket.

In such a case, strike the striker in the opposite direction so that it hits the board in the opposite direction and returns to the spot where you have placed it. Make it slide towards your pocket.

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