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The 10 Most Scariest Roads In India

Discussing the scariest roads in India, a few courses are so awful that they can give chills to even the most prepared drivers. The thin streets, sharp turns, low-hanging bluffs, and cruel climatic conditions can lead them to a ridiculous degree bed, rather than the arranged objective.

Scariest roads that are like nightmares for drivers

Other than terrible support, in some cases, the actual area of a road makes it an unnerving drive. Out of the many, we present to you a hand-picked rundown of the most startling streets in India that have guaranteed many lives before. Yet at the same time, a few challenging men may see a component of rush in such drives. See and conclude which side you are on! Check your current location pin code.

1. Khardungla Pass: World’s Highest Motorable Road

  • Where: Ladakh, on the Caravan Route that was once the Silk Route between India and China
  • What makes it terrifying: The street is terrifying for the sheer invulnerable tallness of 5,602 m above ocean level. Also, the street isn’t cleared and is elusive because of the frozen ice and soil blend. And afterward, there are the clip turns that are bad dreams of even the most experienced drivers of the district.

2. Kishtwar Kailash Highway

  • Where: Eastern furthest point of the Kishtwar area of Jammu
  • What makes it terrifying: The street is breezy, restricted, and without a watchman rail for around 150 m. The overhanging bluff is low that a Tata Sumo or comparable vehicle would scarcely fit. The sharp turns with the bluff deter the view, making it even harder to make those turns. One slip-up and the drop is of around 600 m.

3. Killar – Kishtwar Route: An imitation of the Kishtwar Kailash Highway

  • Where: Pangi Valley, Himachal Pradesh
  • What makes it terrifying: Much like its twin street – the Kishtwar Kailash Highway – the street runs without monitor rails, has overhanging slopes and sharp turns, and is limited. The street is definitely not a simple drive even without really trying to hide, let alone around evening time.

4. Zoji La Pass: Prone to avalanches

  • Where: 9 km from Sonamarg, among Ladakh and Kashmir
  • What makes it terrifying: The street, at an elevation of 3,538 m above ocean level, is unpleasantly thin and incredibly dangerous because of the all-year snow and soil blend. It gets sloppy during the downpours and gets obstructed during the tempests. Moreover, regular avalanches have made it perhaps the most alarming street in India.

5. Chang La Pass: Third Highest Motorable Route in the World

  • Where: Between Pangong lake and Leh in Ladakh area
  • What makes it terrifying: At an astounding height of 5,360 m above ocean level, the street remains snow-covered over time. This makes the street elusive. Likewise, one can feel the shortage of oxygen while on this street. The low temperatures in this area add to the movement burdens of those driving through this third most elevated motorable street on the planet.

6. NH 22 Kinnaur Road: Cut into hard shakes to make Kinnaur open

  • Where: NH 22, toward the beginning of Kinnaur district
  • What makes it terrifying: Taranda Thank is notorious for guaranteeing a few lives. The low overhanging rocks, thin dim openings, and obscured turns make this street exceptionally destructive. One misstep and the vehicle will tumble down into the Baspa River. If not the fall, the impact of vehicles around the obscured turns is genuinely deadly.

7. Rohtang Pass: The Ground of Corpses

  • Where: Leh – Manali Road, 53 km from Manali
  • What makes it terrifying: At a height of 3,979 m above ocean level, Rohtang Pass is the door connecting Manali to Leh and Lahaul – Spiti. Nonetheless, it is the whole course of 479 km that is hazardous. The snow-shrouded streets are inclined to avalanches, particularly in areas that are encased with mountains on the two sides.

8. Nathula Pass

  • Where: Indo-Chinese boundary, 54 km east of Gangtok, close to Tsomgo Lake, Sikkim
  • What makes it terrifying: The course is inclined to avalanches during storms and snow slime in winters. Plus, the best streets are elusive.

9. Neral – Matheran Road: Slippery Roads and Sharp Turns

  • Where: Raigad District, Maharashtra – The street starts at Neral at a height of 40 m above ocean level. The 8.9 km street takes you to Matheran, situated at a height of 800 m above ocean level.
  • What makes it terrifying: The normal rise gain is 8.5% per stretch, with an all-out gain of 760 m. The precarious and thin segments are trailed by fastener turns. A portion of these segments is even without watch rails. To add to the troubles of the drivers, downpours make the streets elusive and may even reason avalanches. Nonetheless, the event of avalanches is extremely uncommon.

10. Sela Pass

  • Where: Tawang District, Arunachal Pradesh – The street interfaces the Buddhist city of Tawang Town to Tezpur and Guwahati.
  • What makes it terrifying: The high mountain pass is situated at a rise of 4,170 m above ocean level. However, its winding plan, sharp turns, and dangerous bends can be lethal. Also, the street is shrouded in snow for the vast majority of the year. This adds to the driving trouble of the explorers. So it is proposed to drive truly sluggish and not lose all sense of direction in the all-encompassing perspectives.

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