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Sources of Entertainment Found at Local Taverns

Each city has similar characteristics, businesses and residential areas. In different parts of the city, most towns also have local bars or taverns, which have been around for many years and attract native residents. These bars may have billiards and pool cues, among many other entertainment and dining options. For the most part, these local taverns have similar sources of entertainment, including bar game systems, televisions, indie video games, and sweepstakes.

Gaming systems

Bar-top gaming systems are small electronic boxes that sit on top of the main bar. These gaming systems cost between 50 cents and 2 dollars to play each game. Some of the games found on these systems are word puzzles, sports games, and trivia questions. Many systems can also be linked together for larger-scale competition. These units give people the opportunity to have some good competition with other people who position themselves at the bar. They are also another source of income for the facility owner.


Televisions are an important feature of any bar, regardless of its size. Customers especially go to local taverns with their family and friends to watch a particular sporting event on television. Local bars will also constantly show the local home team games. Customers enjoy watching these games with others who also have a personal connection to the teams they play. Also, some of the busiest times of the year for local bars are due to sports being televised.

For example, the entire month of March is a highlight for most taverns due to the televised NCAA basketball tournament. These local bars often bring in extra televisions to accommodate the ever-increasing crowds and their ability to show multiple games at once.


Golf, Indie video games and pinball machines are another source of entertainment usually found in local bars. These video games often include Special Tee Miss PacMan, or some type of interactive racing game. They can also have the game where the metal claw is lowered to potentially pick up a small prize or stuffed animal. Having this type of games is a great advantage for families who want to spend a lot of time during their visit to the tavern. The whole family can have dinner together. After that, the adults can kick back and watch sports while their kids are entertained by the game systems. These systems are not only a great source of alternative entertainment, but also a great source of income for the bar.

Specific teams

Finally, many bars will organize forms of legal gambling in the form of “rolls of bets”. This is when all customers give equal shares of money for sports betting and one person wins. The best example of this is during March Madness, when the NCAA basketball bracket is erected. All patrons of the local bar pay the same amount to join. Each person is randomly assigned specific teams to play in the tournament. As each team plays a game, they advance to the next round or are eliminated in the betting roll. In general, there are money winners for first and second place. These winners collect all the money raised at the start of the games.

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