Running a boiler business? Here Are 5 Steam Boiler Services You Can Offer

In today’s competitive business world, having a business that offers relevant services to the market is crucial. Since people look for companies that provide one-stop services, being smart with what you can offer is a must today. It is even critical, especially if you’re managing a technical business, like steam boilers.

Looking at the different types of machinery that industries use, it is evident that steam boilers play an essential role. From healthcare to production, steam boilers do critical work processes that both industries rely on for their products and services. Without them, many businesses would be affected in every industry. 

It’s no secret that operating a steam boiler business is profitable. After all, you’re offering a piece of machinery that produces tremendous work and purposes. But it’s also not a secret that steam boilers can be heavy on the pocket. And so, your business operations must have a return on investment from buying the machinery.

One way of doing so is by utilising the boilers for every possible service you could provide. You can also offer other steam boiler services that cater to issues your target audience could have. If you’re running a boiler business and want to improve your products and services–this post is for you. Here are five steam boiler services you can offer.

1 – Steam boiler cleaning services

One of the advantages that many boiler companies take pride in is that steam boilers require low maintenance. However, that doesn’t mean you should let your boiler accumulate dust and expect it to perform optimally. Expecting your boiler to work smoothly without cleaning it for months is like waiting for an apple to fall from a tree without doing anything. 

According to boiler manufacturers, owners can clean their boilers without the help of professionals and experts. However, if a business has more than steam boilers for their operations, manually cleaning them would be too time-consuming. Evidently, companies like that need a helping hand from professional boiler cleaning services. 

If you have a team knowledgeable about boilers, offering a professional cleaning service would be great. You can look into companies and industries that rely on steam boilers for daily operations. Then, you can propose a partnership with them by offering them monthly or scheduled cleaning services.

2 – Boiler maintenance and check-ups

Usually, cleaning and maintenance check-ups are a service that comes hand in hand. However, not all service businesses provide technical check-ups that can provide immediate and accurate troubleshooting solutions. This type of service requires professionals who are adept at handling steam boilers. 

If you are eager to provide this boiler service, training and experience are two factors your employees must have. It is work that all of your employees must be knowledgeable and also confident to provide. It includes allocating endless hours of training and learning how modern steam boiler types operate. 

Since steam boilers do continuous work for different purposes, all of your clients might have various reasons their boiler is breaking down. That’s why being adept and informed about the technicalities of steam boilers is a must when offering this service. 

3 – Boiler parts replacement and servicing

Steam boilers are pieces of machinery that are expensive. After all, you’re paying for the tremendous and critical work processes they’re capable of doing. In short, for most businesses, having a steam boiler is like having an ace employee who saves your company in critical times. 

I’ve mentioned earlier that steam boilers require low maintenance. Even though that’s a fact, it’s still inevitable for them to have breakdowns and issues from time to time. Should a business that relies on boilers for production experience this, weeks of work operation could be affected. Indeed, most boilers require parts replacement and servicing to avoid disrupting their performance.

With that, offering a boiler parts replacement and servicing would be nice. You can guarantee to have long-term clients with this type of service. But of course, before that, you must look for suppliers you can partner with and provide the parts you need. Look for a supplier that has the experience and is reputable in the boiler industry. 

4 – Boiler installation service

Even though most companies include installation services when selling their boilers, many still don’t do so. As a result, many clients have a hard time looking for experts who can install their new steam boilers. Installing a boiler requires a professional who can assess your piping to see if the boiler’s compatible for installation. 

If you’re selling steam boilers, including installation services would be a great inclusion to offer. You won’t only be selling quality boilers–but also help your clients save time looking for other businesses that install them. It also eases your clients’ worries and helps them develop trust in your company–knowing that professionals know what they’re doing. 

5 – Old boiler trade and discounts

If you’ve been in the business for decades now, you must be looking for ways to maintain your place in the boiler market. Since many new companies are emerging, you must be smart with your services. If you have loyal clients who have been with you for years, why don’t you start offering boiler trades and discounts? 

If you notice that most issues your clients are having with their boilers pertain to old age, offering boiler trade for discounts is wise. You can sell and repurpose the old parts of your client’s boiler and make money out of it. On the other hand, they’ll be able to save money from your discounts. 

With this service, you’re offering your existing clients and potential clients the edge of saving their money instead of buying from other brands. 

Which service are you planning to include in your boiler business?

Hopefully, you’ll be able to use these suggestions to improve your boiler business. But before including one of these services, make sure you have the knowledge, expertise, and experience before applying them. That way, you’ll only be offering services that are of quality and the best for your clients. 

About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for Trilogy Boilers Australia, a veteran specialising in boiler and burner installations, servicing, engineering, and industrial gas plumbing.

Bianca Banda

Bianca Banda is an ardent writer, aiming to share helpful information and ideas effectively and engagingly.

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