Residential Moving With Plants: Things You Should Know

At first glance, plants and removals might seem like they are in dispute. It is hard to maintain the integrity of a tree during a move.


Plants are not often considered when organizing a move in Whitby. We are the Best Whitby Moving Company.

This is due to several reasons:

  1. Customers have shared their experiences with us that including plants in a move can be a mistake. They decide whether to transport the plants again or purchase new plants for their new home.
  2. It is a common mistake to view plants as decorative objects. This also negatively impacts the fact that they are taken care of in a different way depending on each client’s quality and the work involved, such as the care of his floors.
  3. It is easier to assume that plants are the heart of every home.

We offer a complete removal service that includes plants, tables, and photo frames. This will make the transfer less painful for plants.

It is all about moving your entire home with all its contents so that no one is hurt. This will make the act of moving your plants part of the illusion of a move. With us, specialists in national removals, you can rest assured that your plants are in good hands.

There is a possibility that the mover may only transport large plants, as smaller ones can be transported by the client. The largest plants can be moved by a professional moving company.


It is interesting to note that the order in which the moving goods are transferred is logical and orderly. It is best to move the largest furniture first, followed by the smaller boxes and finally the plants. This will ensure that the removal professionals take the most care possible.

The pots will be transported ventilated without any crushing and will have complete freedom of movement from the moment they are moved.

The containers in which the plants are transported must be suitable for them. They must have holes for proper breathing. They will open so that the leaves do not get crushed and the boxes will be the perfect size for each plant.

It is recommended that you reduce the risk of pots and plants a few days prior to the move so that they are not subject to sudden changes in temperature, humidity, and movement. Once they have reached their destination, they will be grateful for a lot of watering and will soon adapt to their new home with great leafiness.


We take into consideration all details that will facilitate our clients’ day to-to-day lives. This includes furniture, textiles, and decorative plants. Quality is our main concern, and your plants will be treated the same way as your furniture.

Perfect Timing Moving is committed to transporting plants with the care and detail that they deserve. This is part of our legacy because we consider them living beings who deserve all the respect in this world.

Our technical specialists in removals take such care and responsibility that their clients are constantly captivated by their work. The plants we move, which are the joy of your home, will also be captivated.

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