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Questions You Should Ask from Your Wedding Photo Booth Vendor

Are you looking for a photo booth for your wedding that includes wedding photo booth props? If so, you need to ask the right questions from your vendor. This article will list some of the most important questions that you should ask.

By asking these questions, you will get a better idea of what the photo booth experience will be like for your wedding guests.

Why Should You Ask Your Wedding Photo Booth Vendors Questions?

It would help if you ask your wedding vendors questions to ensure that you have all the information you need before deciding. This is especially important for photo booths, as there are many different options available. You can find the perfect booth for your big day by asking the right questions!

What Type Of Photo Booth Do do You Offer?

Some photo booths are open-air, while others are enclosed. Make sure you know what to expect before booking.

How Much Time Will Be Allocated For Each Session?

Photo sessions usually last around five minutes, but some vendors may offer longer or shorter times depending on your needs.

Will There Be An Attendant Present During The Photo Sessions?

An attendant is necessary to help guests operate the photo booth and ensure that everyone has a great time. Make sure you ask for it before the vendor sets up a booth at your venue.

Do You Provide Props For Guests To Use In Their Photos?

Some photo booths come with props, while others do not. If you’re looking for a specific type of prop (i.e., hats, glasses, etc.), be sure to ask the vendor if they have them before booking.

How Will The Photos Be Delivered?

Most vendors will provide digital copies of all the photos taken in the booth. However, some may only offer prints or physical copies. Be sure to ask how you’ll receive your photos, so there are no surprises after the event.

How Long Will The Photo Booth Be Open?

Depending on your wedding timeline, you’ll want to make sure the photo booth is available for the entire reception. If it’s only open for a certain amount of time, let your guests know so they can plan accordingly.

What Is Included In The Price?

Some vendors include unlimited prints and digital copies in their pricing, while others do not. Be sure to ask what is included, so there are no surprises when it comes time to pay!

Do You Have Insurance?

This question is important if you’re worried about any damages caused by the photo booth. If something happens, you’ll at least know that you’re covered financially.

What Is The Size Of The Photo Booth?

Some photo booths are large enough to fit a small group, while others are best for just one or two people. Make sure you know the size of the booth so you can plan accordingly.

Can We Choose Our Props?

Many vendors allow you to choose your props, which can add an extra level of fun to your photos! Be sure to ask if this is available to you.

How Long Will It Take For Prints To Be Ready?

Most prints are ready within minutes, but there may be some exceptions depending on how many copies are made. Ask your vendor about their turnaround time, so you’ll have an idea of when to expect your prints.

What Kind Of Photo Album Will The Prints Be Put Into?

Some vendors provide physical photo albums, while others send you digital copies of your photos. Be sure to ask what type of album your prints will be put into so you can plan accordingly.

Are There Be Any Restrictions On Where We Can Print Our Photos?

Most vendors have no restrictions on where you can print your photos, but it’s always best to check just in case. This question is especially important if you’re hoping to hang your wedding photos somewhere special!

Can We Share Our Booth Pictures Online?

Many vendors allow you to share your booth pictures online, making it easy for friends and family who couldn’t make it to the wedding to see all the fun. Just be sure to ask before you start posting!

Do We Get A Copy Of The Photo Strip?

Almost all vendors give you a copy of the photo strip, but it’s always good to check just in case. This is a great way to commemorate your wedding and share it with friends and family.

When You Should Ask Questions

There will be many different times when you ask your wedding vendors questions. Here are a few examples:

Before signing the contract: Make sure you know what is included in the package and what is not. Ask about any restrictions, such as how many people can be in the photo booth at once.

After booking: Find out what time the vendor will arrive and how long they will stay. If you have any special requests, now is the time to mention them.

At least one month before the wedding: This is when you should finalize all of your details with your vendors. Confirm their availability on your big day, as well as whether they need anything from you (like a list of guests’ names) beforehand.

A few weeks before the wedding: Chat with your photo booth vendor to go over all the final details, like how you would like the prints to be displayed (or if you even want prints). This is also a good time to ask about any last-minute questions or concerns you may have.

The day of the wedding: Make sure to arrive early at your reception, so you have plenty of time to set up and take advantage of your photo booth. And don’t forget to bring your fun props, too.


We would like to conclude by saying that having a photo booth at your wedding is a great way to keep the fun and memories going all night long. So make sure to ask your vendor these questions so you can have the best experience possible.

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