Processes in the cleaning and disinfection of universities and colleges

The educational centers be kept in adequate maintenance conditions, to facilitate their correct cleaning and disinfection:

The coronavirus COVID-19 is a virus that is transmitted by the respiratory route, although it is also possible to spread it by touching a surface, an object, or the hand of a person with the infection.

For this reason, for SCS Group, one of the prevention measures against contagion is the intensification of cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, guaranteeing the development of face-to-face teaching activity in safe and healthy conditions for the members of the educational community.

Currently, no regulation established a clear and defined protocol. However, we consider the recommendations made by the WHO and the Ministry of Health regarding precautionary measures. We will carry our planning out as established by our contingency cleaning and disinfection master plan, properly agreed with the company or as specified in the service contract. 

Starting from the above, 

At SCS Group We know fully that, in the cases of nurseries and schools. Most of their users are people with defenses that are still vulnerable (adolescents, children, and even babies) and that, therefore, they are more vulnerable to infection and contagion. This will be essential when we have to decide the best way to deal with cleaning space with these characteristics.

Always before carrying out the disinfection, we must carry a surface cleaning process out, with the help of detergents, rinsing afterward with water.

Method Used

Once we start the cleaning process, clean surfaces need disinfection with the application of disinfectant products. Through the use of sprayers, towels, or fiber or microfiber cloths, among other methods.

Prioritize cleaning and disinfection of all those surfaces and equipment with a high frequency of usage.  That includes door handles, tables, chairs, door and drawer knobs, handrails, floors, windows, toilets, lockers, faucets, telephones, computers (keyboards and mice), support surfaces or counters, among others. In short, all those elements that are a contact area can be a source of contagion.

For its disinfection, we use 5th generation quaternary salts.  We can use chlorine dilution  (10 ml of chlorine per 1 liter of water).

It is possible to use another type of disinfectant. In this case, they should follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of the disinfectant for its preparation and application.

We must follow the preventive measures included in the safety data sheets of the products used supplied by the manufacturer. When chemicals are used for cleaning, it is important to keep the facility ventilated.

To carry out cleaning and disinfection, the use of disposable utensils should be in top priority. With using reusable utensils in these tasks, we must disinfect them using the products stated above.

Specialists who carry out cleaning and disinfection tasks must always follow the measures stated in this section and protect themselves with the equipment according to the level of risk exposure. The containers with specific disposable material, distributed throughout the educational center, will be emptied frequently and will always be kept clean.

Our recommendation 

We recommend keeping the facilities of the educational centers in adequate maintenance conditions. To facilitate their correct cleaning and disinfection: repair of deteriorated areas, order and elimination of unnecessary materials.

The importance of having a correct Master Plan for cleaning and disinfection of educational centers will be key. So that its implementation is profitable and, above all. That it does not overlook any important element and emphasizes those specific aspects that the typology demands. specific to our spaces, depending on the case.

At SCS Group, we have extensive cleaning and disinfection options for your educational center, contact us.

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