Practical guide: Cleaning and disinfection program in restaurants

The restaurant industry is one of the most important economic activities for our country. This type of business represents the second largest employer in Australia, which allows many families and entrepreneurs to get their daily life through national cuisine. The demand for restaurants In Australia is enormous, because of the large amount of tourism that exists throughout the territory. As the need for this type of premises increases, it is necessary to increase the quality of the service, which leads to greater hiring of positions such as administrative personnel, cooks, servers, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to have the best cleaning and disinfection program in restaurants.

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Importance of cleaning programs in restaurants

When we talk about food and restaurants, it is essential that there is proper cleaning in each space. Mainly, to provide the customer with the security he deserves and ensure that he will enjoy the dishes he likes the most without the risk of getting sick due to poor hygiene in the place.

Having good cleaning and disinfection in restaurants is a way to ensure that facilities, utensils, and other equipment are safe. Therefore, they do not represent a source of infection, nor are they the cause of medical conditions that can seriously affect the human body. Therefore, it is important that these establishments ensure a correct sanitation program. Well, it is not enough that the surfaces of a place are clean, because the bacteria can still be there.

No matter how large or small a restaurant is, infections and illnesses caused by poor hygiene in these places have occurred even in the highest-rated establishments in the industry. A simple oversight in the cleaning process can pose a public health risk. So it is extremely important to have the right hygiene program for this type of premises.

How do carry out a good cleaning and disinfection program in restaurants?

A good cleaning and disinfection program doesn’t end with just cleaning floors or utensils with soap and water. Actually, a series of instructions must be designed that will be carried out to the letter, where each surface and element that make up the restaurant spaces will be analyzed, always keeping in mind the dangers and points of bacterial risk that may exist between each saucer. This procedure may change depending on the specific needs of each establishment.

Guide to carry out an effective cleaning program in this type of business

The first thing we have to analyze when making this list of instructions and procedures is to identify the type of surface of the restaurant and the facilities; also, the correct way to disinfect these sites. This plan must indicate exactly where each instrument is in its location and the use that is given to it in the premises. For example, where are the ovens, cutting boards, food containers, the floor in each area, etc?

It is also necessary to mention what instruments we must use in cleaning besides the chemicals or detergents for each element of the restaurant. Because if they are not cleaned properly, this can cause contamination that can be detrimental to the processes and customers.

An adequate cleaning plan must have a description of procedures that must be followed to guarantee the disinfection of sensitive materials. In addition, to include the stages or phases of this cleaning process, mention each action chronologically and the frequency in which this procedure needs to be repeated. Other factors you should include are:

The right products to do a good cleaning in the restaurant. Both chemical solutions and soaps, besides the dose to be used and the times we have used it on each surface.

It is also necessary to include highlighted information on each substance that we need to use for the cleaning process. Both toxicity and quantity to use are without being a danger to the health of customers and workers. In addition to the technical sheets of the products.

Besides this information, a description of the best application method for each detergent or solution should be part of it. Whether it is automatic cleaning, combining it with water, by spraying, disinfection with hot water, etc. All with the purpose that the cleaning substances are in the correct application and without unnecessary waste or risk.

Along with this, it is advisable to add a list of materials and equipment needed for these cleaning procedures. Examples of these tools are brushes, buckets, dispensers, machines to use, sponges, and fibers, among others.

Finally, consider the time and temperature necessary for the chemicals to work correctly. Both the immersion period, the drying process, and the degrees in which the water must be, along with other parameters that help the cleaning activity in-depth and with excellent results.

For these reasons, it is essential to have your cleaning and disinfection program well structured. We recommend having a professional cleaning service provider.

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