Office cleaning: 10 tips to take care of the environment in the office

The accelerated deterioration of the environment requires us to take measures to take care of it. That is why it is important to take care of not only the home but also the workplace since it is usually an environment in which we spend a lot of time during the week.

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Learning the actions we can take to take care of the environment is important, since not only do you help make the world a better and cleaner place, but you can help make the company more sustainable.

At SCS Group we are experts in the cleaning service and we have known the industry for over 20 years and for this reason, we want to tell you how to take care of the environment in the office… Because we can all help to improve the world!

In what ways does the office environment matter?

Environmental pollution can have different pollutants. They can be chemical or biological external agents that alter the natural conditions of ecosystems, putting the welfare of living beings at risk.

The damage caused by the contaminating agent can last more or less, depending on its nature. There are even contaminating agents that can cause permanent damage to the environment.

Although pollutants are a danger to the environment, those that are produced from the ground are those that can be a threat to the integrity of the planet’s plants and animals, including the health of people.

That is why, if your company takes action in a sustainable way, even the costs for the use of energy, gas, and raw materials, such as pink or white sheets, will go down.

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Learn to help the environment at work!

There are many ways to take care of the environment at work, but here we will give you 10 tips to take care of the environment in the office. With these tips, you can help reduce the amount of waste and energy generated daily.

Turn off electrical appliances that are not in use

It is common in an office where there are many employees coming and going that we plug electrical appliances in and remain on, even when they are not in use. It usually happens with screens, computers, printers, etc.

The ideal in these cases is to turn them off when they are not being used or if we will not use them for a long time. While this tip helps save the environment, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also save energy.

It is normal that there are devices that need to be kept plugged in, but the vast majority can be unplugged. Another incredible way to save energy is by using timers to program the switching on and off of the devices.

Control and optimize the use of printers

In large companies, it is normal for the use of printers to be frequent. However, by consuming large amounts of ink and paper, it can represent a great expense and significant environmental impact.

One of the best ways to control and optimize printer usage is to print in black and white, use both sides, and recycle ink or cartridges. Also, you can opt for multifunction printers with ink and energy savings.

Check the lighting

Many times we activate the lighting in places where they are not been used for a long time, such as the case of meeting rooms or bathrooms, so it would be a good idea to turn off the lights when the places are empty.

However, another good option is to buy spotlights with motion sensors, which turn on when a person is detected in the room. Also, natural light is a way to save energy.

We should reduce office paper usage

In the office, one of the most used and sent resources is usually paper. A very good way to reduce paper consumption is to reuse as much paper as possible. For example, if a print has errors, the ideal is to use the paper for other tasks.

Likewise, we must not forget the advantages that the use of computers gives us, so if we use “digital paper” we can forget about unnecessary expenses on paper.

Regulate office temperature

When there is good insulation in the office, it is possible to use air conditioning and heating better, since, with good control and environment, temperatures can be better controlled. With this, also the temperature can be increased or decreased as required.

Use plants in the office

Plants not only bring style and naturalness to the workplace but also help reduce pollutants that can be found in the office. Plants purify the air and those that need little natural light are perfect for these environments.

Use transportation alternatives

An incredible, healthy and fun way to take care of the environment is by using other transportation options. Whether you want to go by public transport or bicycle, getting out of the routine and using an alternative will help you improve your health and clear your mind.

Even a good idea is to make collective trips between several employees of the same organization. In this way, we put private transport with a single public at maximum capacity, thus reducing fuel consumption and pollution.

Remember that at SCS Group we are cleaning professionals! Find what you need to keep your company clean and remember that we have special services for when you need unique cleaning.

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