Never thought cigarette packaging could be this pretty

What makes the cardboard material ideal?

Do you want to hear this line from your customers? Then without a second thought, go for custom cigarette packaging and custom cigarette boxes. Customization is the reflection of a brand’s personality. It is the language that the brand speaks to its customers via products. It’s a branding and marketing tool just like social media marketing. Since cigarettes are an addiction, the sale of Cigarette Packaging  always touch the sky so why not make your brand a part of this sale ?

Designs that fuels up your sales rocket

Selecting material is easy while choosing the design is somewhat difficult.. Design doesn’t only play its role in protection of the product but it is also essential to consider the design from a sales perspective. Design should be stylish enough to attract your customers and durable and rigid enough to protect the product. Few common cigarette box designs may include:

  • Sleeve-Style cigarette box
  • Eco-Friendly cigarette packaging
  • Cardstock style  cigarette box
  • Kraft Drawer  cigarette box
  • Flip-top cigarette box
  • White card paper cigarette packaging.

These mesmerizing cigarette boxes hold the freshness and authentic flavor of your cigarettes inside them. After finalizing the style, you can also opt for enhancement add-ons like raised ink, die-cut window, embossing or deposing. Not only that, the finishing and coatings including matt coating, gloss coating, and Aqueous coating give astonishing final touches to your custom cigarette boxes.

Light yet rich

Smokers always prefer having a cigarette box that is compressible and easy to access. Also which is light in weight and doesn’t break into pieces due to external environments such as pressure. They also want a Packaging that prevents the cigarette’s taste from spoiling. Hence when considering custom cigarette packaging, packaging material is of uttermost importance. Cardboard material is consider ideal for cigarette packaging. Not only because cardboard cigarette packaging is cost-friendly but also because it provides excellent protection, is versatile and eco-friendly too.

What makes the cardboard material ideal?

Cardboard is said to be an ideal custom cigarette packaging material because of its qualities. Cardboard may be creatively reshape to different designs and sizes of cigarette boxes. It can be alter to large cigarette boxes as well as small boxes for a single cigarette. cardboard is a powerful packaging layout in itself, cardboard can easily be convert into other colours. Cardboard boxes is simple to print on or embosses to create appealing cardboard cigarette boxes. Custom Cardboard can be quickly convert from dull packaging into colorful and thrilling cardboard cigarette packaging.

Cardboard is more like a  blank canvas, which can be turn vibrant by different printing techniques and can make your products fly off the shelves. Cigarette boxes are completely biodegradable. Cardboard is recyclable and doesn’t require a special treatment to be dispose of. By ordering cardboard in bulk, you can often save considerably on your packaging costs. Also, as cardboard packaging is usually delivered flatpack, you can order cardboard cigarette packaging in bulk but still have the room to store it, so it is there when you need it, but does not take up an excessive amount of space. Last but not the least, card-boards are cost friendly and relatively cheap as well as easily available.

Custom Cigarette Boxes

Customization, an important tool when it comes to branding and marketing. It allows you to make a better compatibility with your customers. You not only need to choose the colour combination for your custom cigarette packaging, but also need to understand the placement of your logo, the cut-outs and the add-ons. It’s a whole world of testing and contrast where you have to choose whether embossing will enhance the look of your cigarette boxes or engraving will give a better look to your final product. Whether you need to apply soft silk coating or your customers will put hands down on the classic UV coating. Will foil add an attractive element to your Paper Cigarette Packaging or you need to have a display window. All these things collectively make up an elegant packaging for cigarette boxes.

We are here at your service

I know talking about so many options whether for material, add-ons or coating will definitely leave you confused. You might select one add-on this second and the very next second you’ll be preferring a different add on. An easy solution to this confusion is to talk to our talented packaging experts and designs and they will surely guide you the best on which material you should choose, which add-on will be perfect for you and which coating will make your packaging look more appealing depending upon the product and do not worry our designers can provide you free of cost designing services too.

So grab your phone and get in touch with us now to place your order for free generic samples too and we assure you that we wouldn’t compromise on the quality of your packaging no matter how small or big your order is, customer’s satisfaction is our utmost priority. Not only that, we assure you safe delivery of your order at your doorstep within 12 to 15 business days.

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