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Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek

All inclusive Luxury Everest Base Camp trek with sightseeing

Extravagance Everest Base Camp Trek gives you a fantastic chance to encounter more extravagance while journeying to the headquarters of Mt. Everest. Remain at Kathmandu Marriott Hotel in Kathmandu, Comfortable extravagance lodges on the journey, and fly back to Kathmandu on a helicopter after the trek.

Our Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek is a definitive extravagance occasion in the Everest district. Then, It offers noteworthy features of the Everest district with a much-paced schedule, ultimately directed and upheld journeying to the headquarters, and the best convenience through the Trek.

Your convenience will be in a 5-star inn, Kathmandu Marriott Hotel in Kathmandu, extravagance lodges for three evenings, and nice teahouses in higher spots. Then arriving at the headquarters, you will be flying back to Kathmandu on a helicopter Everest helicopter visit neglecting the path you’ve recently climbed and partaking in the view from the air.

On the way to Everest Base Camp
On the way to Everest Base Camp

Journey to Everest headquarters keeping the guideline schedule with a cautious methodology and legitimate acclimatization. Two rest and acclimatization days at Namche and Dingboche are planned for the program for appropriate acclimatization. So, An accomplished pioneer will direct you with a higher staff proportion. And each gathering will be upheld with a strengthening oxygen framework and extensive clinical pack.

This 13 days of experience is ideal for individuals who might like somewhat more extravagance while ticking off their list of must-dos of arriving at Everest headquarters.

Agenda Overview of Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek

Extravagance Everest Base Camp Trek starts with your appearance in Kathmandu. Your outing chief will get you at the air terminal and escort you to your lodging in Kathmandu. After a well-lay relying upon your flight time, tonight there will be a welcome supper at a run-of-the-mill Nepalese café.

Next morning, your day starts with a half-day touring of Kathmandu’s features, and at night time, there will be outing instructions covering every one of the significant parts of the trip.

On and around Namche
On and around Namche

Your trip starts from Day 03 as you fly to Lukla, the flight time is around 30 mins, and your process initiates from here onwards. We will keep the guideline schedule to the headquarters while observing a cautious methodology and legitimate acclimatization. You will move high and rest low in the two days, adjusting to the rising height—moreover, An accomplished pioneer with a higher staff proportion contingent. Furthermore, size will accompany you upon your gathering and guide you throughout the trip.

The administration is vital, and we don’t think twice about the administrations we merit. We have created a very much formulated schedule, including two acclimatization days and an all-around paced agenda.

What compels our Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek unique?

”Extravagance should be agreeable. In any case, it isn’t extravagance” Our Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek is custom fitted, remembering this statement.

Our Luxury Everest headquarters journey is a comprehensive outing. Convenience in Kathmandu and on the journey is incorporate. We incorporated the helicopter trip back to Kathmandu toward the journey’s finish.

Towards Everest base Camp
Towards Everest base Camp

This outing is appropriate for individuals with no past traveling experience at high heights. Security is of tremendous significance while going with Highland Expeditions. On this outing, you will have a well-being reinforcement of a strengthening oxygen framework, Oximeter, and First Aid Kit. We likewise give a higher staff proportion, with one collaborator guide for every three members.

Is this journey reasonable for you?

Our Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek arrives at the most significant height of [5,500m/18,195ft] at Kalapathar with a most extreme rise of for the time being at [5,140m/16,865ft] at Gorekshep for one evening. So, Our trip follows an appropriately arranged acclimatization.

An everyday stroll of 6 hrs on a regular is supposed to convey your little rucksack (5kgs). It should comprise your resources, water, camera, snacks, and so on. So, The doorman will get your fundamental gym bag and an accomplished pioneer. It will direct you to colleague advisers for help throughout the trip.

Luxury Everest Base Camp

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