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How to Transfer Samsung Contacts to New Phone? Complete Solution

Today, let’s discover the technique to import Samsung contacts to the new phone without losing any data. For non-technical and technical users. Move contacts from Samsung contacts to the New Phone account without losing any data hierarchy by following all these steps. So, let’s start the process…

User Query

“Hey, I just extract my contact from Samsung in vcf. File Format. That I want to import into the New Phone. Other than the exported file. Furthermore, then the exported file we will, there are like 50 other contact files. I want to need import all the contact files to the Phone. Can you please suggest a secured method to migrate my files?”

Manual Method to Transfer Samsung Contacts to New Phone

  1. Open the user Gmail account and click on 9 dots given on top of the right side.
  2. Now, select the Contact option and open it.
  3. Then, select the Import option from the left drop-down menu.
  4. After that, click on the select file option and import the user VCF file into Google.
  5. Finally, import vCard Contacts to Google contacts.

Now, users can easily log in the Gmail id into their New Phone and then the Gmail id is automatically synced with the contact on the new phone

Limitations of Manual Method

Using this manual method users cannot upload vCard contacts in the bulk option. Users cannot upload more than 20MB of VCF file data into Gmail. Using this manual method users have to upload one-by-one VCF contacts into Google. This method does not work for those users who have more than 100 VCF files that users have to import step-by-step. This manual Method is a time-taken process.

To overcome, this problem users can easily move to the professional solution with the bulk mode option.

Professional Solution to Transfer Samsung Contacts to New Phone

User can easily and rapidly convert their VCF files into CSVs with the help of the perfect vCard to CSV converter application. By simply Adding file and Add folder option VCF files into the software, users can use this effective tool to launch the conversion process. Technical and non-numerical users both are operated easily.

This VCF to CSV converter tool supports many contacts in a single VCF file and automatically deletes duplicate contacts. Additionally, users can use the best software to combine contact files from several sources into a single file. And Contact Converter gives users free access to all of these features. All these Excel/CSV and VCF can be converted with this tool easily.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Download and Run the utility on the user’s local Operating Device.
  • After that, hit on Add file and Add folder option and upload the user Samsung file into the tool.
  • Now, users can get a preview of VCF file data and clicking on the Export button and choosing the CSV option in the drop-down menu.
  • Then, hit on the browse button and choose the desired destination location in the software.
  • Finally, hit on the Export button to start the process of importing Samsung Contacts to the CSV file.

Import CSV file into New iPhone

Now, user can easily import their CSV into Gmail, and the Gmail id is imported into the new phone. And that’s it. Finally, complete the process of transferring Samsung contacts to the New Phone.

Final Word

In this blog, we discussed how to transfer Samsung contacts to a new phone without losing any data and without losing the data hierarchy. Using two simple methods Manual Method and the professional solution. In this manual method, export the vCard file to Hotmail. It’s free and the best method but its method is not for non-technical users and the user may lose their data. It’s better to continue with a professional solution to save the user time and for non-technical and technical users. Moreover, it has a free trial demo version to check the tool features.

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