How to Take Care of Angled Eyebrow Tweezers

Angled Eyebrow Tweezers

You may love applying eyelashes with the aid of professional angled eyebrow tweezers. Besides, you can use slant tweezers for many purposes. Tweezers are the best tools for applying eyelashes in the lash world. However, success in using tweezers lie in their optimal care. Taking good care of your tweezers will protect your quality tool and ensure your professional tools remain effective. You can keep your tweezers in good shape and functional over time with the right tweezer care. Here are the three factors you have to consider to take care of your professional tools:

  • Cleaning
  • Storing
  • Refreshing

Cleaning, storing, and refreshing your tools will ensure your tweezer tips stay in shape and function effectively for the purpose.

Cleaning Your Angled or Slant Tweezers:

Cleaning tweezers is undoubtedly the most vital part of your tweezers care routine. Cyanoacrylate molecules cure and build on tweezers with time as dried adhesive. It can affect the efficacy of your tweezers and transmit bacteria to the tools if not properly cleaned. You must clean your tweezers as fast as you can, especially if you work in higher humidity and summery environments. You can scrape, disinfect, and sterilize your tools to clean them and maintain their efficacy.

Often, adhesive develops on tweezer tips which affect the ability of the tweezers to pick up small lashes. Gently scraping two pairs of tweezers against one another helps to let the adhesive come off. However, scraping too strongly can misshape your tweezers. You should also disinfect the tools and sterilize them to make sure they remain effective to use. It’s all that you need to do to clean the tools.

Storing Your Angled or Slant Tweezers:

Next to cleaning, storing is an important aspect of tweezer care. You shouldn’t store your tools in an open environment. Doing so can contaminate and damage the tools. As a result, you won’t have your tweezers in perfect shape and have to buy new tools for the job. One of the things you can’t forget concerning storing your tweezers is to protect the tips.

Hold onto the small plastic cover that comes with your tweezers and put the cover back once you finish using the tools. Please don’t forget that tweezers can easily fall on the floor and their delicate tips are prone to bending. Thus, take advantage of the plastic cover and also keep your angled eyebrow tweezers in a protective case.

Consider placing your tweezers in the right case with velvet lining. It will prevent your tweezers from scratches. Also, don’t put many tweezers in the same case to overcrowd the area to make sure your tweezers remain safe. Magnetic tweezer cases are good for placing tweezers back safely and quickly during lash application.

Refreshing Your Angled or Slant Tweezers:

Tweezers can bend when you keep using them with time. Nevertheless, there are some ways you can rehabilitate bend tweezers. For instance, you have pliers for gently nudging tweezers tips back into place. Plus, you can take advantage of an emery board to sharpen dull tweezers or rehabilitate a small bend. If tweezers still suffer the same issue or are hard to work after losing their tension or a grip, replace them. It’s also the best way to refresh tweezers that you can’t bend or don’t provide you a good grip.

These are the things you have to keep in mind to take good care of your tweezers. A pair of high-quality tweezers make a difference when it comes to lashing. You should also keep an extra pair of tweezers in your beauty bag in case you lost your tweezers.

Some Tips to Choose and Buy High-Quality Tweezers

Here are some of the tips to choose and buy high-quality tweezers:

  • Invest in high-grade stainless steel tweezers to make sure your tools stay with you for a long time.
  • Buy stainless steel tweezer set instead of buying a regular tweezer to get your hands on all-purpose tweezers.
  • Make sure you choose and buy tweezers from a reputable store that offers great discounts on products.
  • Finally, buy reliable tweezers of a reputable brand to ensure you get high-quality tweezers.


You may love applying lashes via professional angled eyebrow tweezers. Nevertheless, tweezers can lose their efficacy and functionality with time and after several uses unless you take good care of the tools. You can take good care of tweezers if you keep the following three factors in mind regarding tweezers.

  • Cleaning the tools regularly to make sure they remain functional and effective over time.
  • Storing the tools properly to ensure they stay in shape for the long term.
  • Refreshing your tools regularly with the aid of pliers or an emery board based on your needs.

Last but not least, invest in a high-grade stainless steel tweezer set to make sure you get your hands on the best tweezers.

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