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How to style dining Tables with Bench Seats

What Makes a Bench a Good Option?

When it comes to creating informal dinner tables, benches have always been a popular alternative. Who doesn’t have fond recollections of eating burgers and dogs while sitting at a picnic table at a local lake or park with their family? Over the last few years, bringing that sense of community indoors has become increasingly popular. In addition to giving a distinctive decorating touch to your dining room, there are numerous advantages to using this form of seating in your house. “Hardwood Dining Furniture

Benches save space and help open up a cramped or congested kitchen or dining room. They’re ideal for small places or rooms with a view that traditional seats would impede. When not in use, you can tuck one with no back under the table.

Seating Capacity: A 48-inch bench can seat more people in the same amount of space as a dining chair because it has no arms, no back, and no spacing requirements.

Flexibility: Benches are available in a variety of styles to match any space and table in your home.

At a table with benches, guests naturally sit closer together, creating a sense of community and making it simpler to socialize.

Bench Price: Benches are typically less expensive per seat than chairs.

If you need more storage in your home, buy a bench with a lift-up seat or pull-out drawers. If done correctly, it’s an excellent place to keep linens, glassware, and even china.

Benches Types

The picnic table bench, composed of painted, hard, rough wood, is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of dining benches. There are numerous styles of benches that can be used in every dining area. With a different type of bench, you may transform a single dining table into something altogether different. 

A bench made of wood

Again, this isn’t about the rustic picnic table. Consider a lovely hardwood bench that has been sanded clean and stained to match your dining table set. Traditional, farmhouse, and Shabby Chic décor all benefit from wood benches. If you’re concerned about comfort, add some brightly colored cushions or drape a couple of comfortable wraps over the bench in areas where people will sit. If space isn’t an issue, a bench with a back will provide additional support for your guests.

Bench with Upholstery.

Adding an upholstered bench solves the comfort issue, but it now has a whole different appearance. In comparison to their wooden counterparts, these benches look better in a contemporary setting. On the plus side, you can experiment with different fabrics and have a lot of fun! Place an upholstered bench on one side of the table and seats in a comparable color on the other.

For Your Dining Table, the Best Bench

If you follow a few simple criteria, adding a bench to a dining table set is a breeze. To begin, remember that all dining room sets require at least three feet of clearance on all sides so that guests can walk around freely without getting in the way.

Take a look at the furniture you’ve got. Is there a pedestal or legs on your table? Because you can tuck a seat into a pedestal table without striking the table legs, it works well with benches that cover the entire length of the table. If your table has four legs, you may want to choose a bench that fits between the inside measurements of the two legs on either side. If you use this method, leave a couple of inches on either side so the bench doesn’t contact your legs as you slide it in and out. 

If you want to be creative, grab a corner bench and set your table up like you’re in a snug restaurant’s corner booth. If you set your mind to anything, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

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