How to Monetize Your Android App: Read The Full Guide!

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Getting your application is insufficient to generate money until you implement some monetization methods. 

Monetization can open various doors for you to expand your startup reaches worldwide. Many methods are available today to add more revenue and profit without compromising customer engagement. 

So, are you excited to explore them?

If yes, just move into this guide and learn how you can monetize your android app. This guide would be helpful for all newbie startups and enterprises. So, if you do not have your own app, connect with the best android application development company that can build a product for you through which you can add more to the success ratio. 

Now, move into and explore further. 

Ways to Monetize your Android App

Here are some of the best ways that you can use your application for monetization purposes. Give a full read to this guide and explore further. 

  • In-App Advertising

In-app advertising can harvest much profit for your startups. It is an effective monetization strategy in which the owners get paid for running advertisements on their applications. 

Below are given several ad formats that serve unique purposes. You must understand each one to know which ad format suits you.

So, let’s get insights on the same: 

  • Notification ads

These ads aware the user of the presence of the ad. However, not well-loved and can cause a degraded image of the application. 

  • Banner ads

Ads generally appear at the bottom or top of the mobile screen. These are found as pop-ups that irritate the users and degrade your application’s reputation.

  • Capture form

Brings incentives, rewards, and other kinds of tokens to the users, thus, establishing a good engagement. Most game apps have used these apps for monetizing purposes. 

  • Full-Screen Ads

These ads appear when users are in pause or moving between menus, thus do not interrupt the users’ experience. You can use them if you want to generate revenue with more clicks and engagement. 

  • Advanced Overlay

This type combines the last two ads: capture form and full-screen. So again, you can get more clicks and expand the success ratio.

So, these are all categorized into in-app advertising. You can opt for the best one among them and ask your technological partner, the best android application development company, to integrate the picked one into your application. 

  • Licensing Your Code

Several brands may come up to you with an approach to re-skin your product so that they get enough knowledge and avoid creating code from scratch. The procedure is called licensing the code.

It is another way of app-monetization in which you allow other developers to scrutinize the codes while asking some amounts. It is a great approach today to earn extra money. You can make the most of this opportunity when you think you have made enough with your application. 

  • In-App Purchases

Another highly dynamic and most-used way to monetize the app. It lets the user uses the basic features of the application. However, some more advanced features get unlocked when the user pays for the premium version. 

This way, you will never lose your existing users and attract new ones to try and witness the tremendous effects of the ‘freemium’ apps. This could be your chance to transform your digital solution into a profit-generated tool. However, you should be very aware of how many features you want to provide for free and for payment. 

  • Sponsors

Sponsor your application to another brand that has a similar customer base. This way, you can attract more customers to your products as it enhances the CTR (Click Through Rate), and more clicks mean more downloads and thus more profit. 

One of the significant initiatives today is used by applications of a similar group. You may find another game app ad while playing Bubble Shooter on your mobile. All these fall into the category of sponsors and partnerships monetization method. 

In a Nutshell!

To convert your application into a profit-generated tool, app monetization is vital. You can add more to your revenue and lead a successful path for your startup and product. So, pick the right method to help you achieve progressive milestones. 

We hope that the guide has resolved all your queries regarding the monetization methods. However, if you want to know more and have any other doubts, connect with the experts of the top mobile app development company. Our team would also let you get more insights on the same. So, don’t hesitate to connect with them. 

Monetize Your Android

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