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How to Have a Cozy Period with Period Underwear

It’s the perfect time of the year to enjoy all things cozy. That’s especially true when you’re on your period. Yet you might wonder how to get comfortable enough to genuinely enjoy the coziness. After all, periods are good at getting in the way of things. Fortunately, you can make those first days of your cycle just as comfortable and cozy as any other day, regardless of your flow. All you need is a pair of period underwear and a few minutes to read through this lesson in coziness.

Upgrade Your Period Care Products

A period is only as good as the period care products you use, and you can actually have a good period. You just don’t want to worry about leaks, discomfort, or a full tampon. That means you might have to switch from single-use tampons and pads to sustainable, reusable options. There are high-quality, reusable period cups and discs with medical-grade silicone. They are safe to wear for up to 12 hours. You can also find period underwear in a variety of styles, including seamless, for a worry-free, leak-free period.

Enjoy Warming Drinks

Hydration is crucial regardless of where you are in your cycle. Drinking water and staying hydrated may help keep period cramps and bloating at bay during your period. You can make some tea if you want to maintain all the cozy vibes. Or make a hot chocolate using oat milk and coconut water as the base for a nutritious, period-friendly drink.

Do Yoga in Your Period Underwear

Exercising might be one of the last things you want to do during your period. Still, a quick yoga session may be what you need to stretch out and warm up your body. Yoga doesn’t have to be a rigorous workout, either. It can be an easy, enjoyable way to stretch, unwind, and relax while on your period. If you’re doing yoga during your period, you can wear reusable products like a menstrual cup or disc. But sometimes, period underwear is all you’ll need. You can move into all the advanced positions without thinking about how your pants and underwear are doing.

Take a Hot Bath

Need some “me time” on your period? Take a hot bath to relax your muscles. You can add mineral-rich Epsom salt to your bath for some relief from cramping. Epsom salt’s higher escort istanbul amounts of magnesium make it an ideal bath soak. When you’re ready to get out of your bath, have period underwear on hand for stress-free period care. Keeping your underwear close also makes it easier to put something on quickly after towel-drying. That way, your body won’t get too chilled after spending all that time in the water.

Relax in Your Period Underwear

Lounging around in a relaxing environment is a quintessentially cozy thing to do. It also happens to be very enjoyable when you’re in your underwear. You might be nervous to lounge sans pants with your period in full swing, but there is a workaround. You guessed it—period underwear. With super absorbent period underwear, there’s no need to worry about leaking onto your couch or bed. You can lounge the day away feeling comfortable and dry as the absorbent, thin gusset does all the work.

Treating yourself to a cozy day (or days) during your period should be a part of the fun of the colder season. Some people with periods already make it a point to take it easy when they’re flowing. Still, the ultimate cozy day gets an upgrade when you do more for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with hanging out in sweatpants all day. But imagine how much better it will be to hang out in your sweatpants, drink hot chocolate, and never think about a leak. It sounds good, right?

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