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How to Draw a Spoon

Many different utensils are used to prepare and consume all kinds of food. Each other type has its uses and features, and each has been specifically designed to best suit its primary purpose. Spoons are some of the most versatile utensils, as they can be used for everything from baking and measuring to eating more liquid-based substances.

We may all be familiar with this tool, but learning how to draw a spoon can still be tricky. That’s what we’re here for, though, so if you read this guide, you shouldn’t have any problems! Our step-by-step guide on how to draw a spoon in just six easy steps will show you how you can recreate this useful utensil.

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How to draw a spoon – let’s get started!

Step 1

This guide on how to draw a spoon will start with possibly the most important part, the part that holds what is used to eat or prepare the scoop. This will also be a fairly easy step, and you can start by drawing a thin horizontal oval shape. Then start another line above this oval that wraps tightly around the oval’s perimeter. It’ll only circle the top half of the oval for now, but we’ll be drawing the rest soon.

Step 2

For this second step of drawing the spoon, we will remove the base of what is known as the spoon’s bowl. It’s easy to see why it’s called that, as it works like a small container that holds the substance it’s used for. To draw this bowl, draw a curved line below the oval you drew earlier, and this will connect to a small border around this oval. That’s all for now, and then you can continue this drawing in the third step.

Step 3

Following this guide on how to draw a spoon, we will start by removing the handle of the spoon. This should be another simple step since all you need to do is draw a line away from the scoop. This line will be slightly curved, but it should be smooth despite this curve. We’ll only remove half of this side of the handle for now, but we’ll be drawing more soon.

Step 4

Now you can finish drawing the tip of the handle you started in the third step of this guide. Just extend the line you drew in the last part of the guide, and then at the end, you can curve it back on itself. We gave it a sharp edge in our example, but you can make it more rounded. You could even draw a small oval near the end to make a hole to hang the spoon. Once you’re happy with how it looks, you can move on to some final details in the next step of the guide.

step 5

Now you are ready to finish the final details of this guide on how to draw a spoon. Once you’ve removed these details, you’re prepared to finish up some colors in the last step of the guide. First, you can complete the outline by finishing the rest of the spoon handle until it connects near the spoon‘s bowl. Then it will just be a matter of drawing some more details. These will include a rim along the spoon’s handle, and you can draw a curved line inside the bowl to show something inside. You can also finish this image by adding details and elements. These could include background and illustrate what would be used to eat or prepare this spoon.

How will you finish it before adding some color?

step 6

This is the final step of drawing the spoon, and in it, we will complete it with some color. We chose a few shades of gray in our reference image to give the scoop a metallic look. However, this is only one approach you could take, as spoons can be made from many different substances. Some of these include plastic or wood, so you are spoiled for choice in how you might color them. However, choosing the colors is only part of it. You can also get the desired look for your spoon by changing the tools and art media you use. What do you think your choice helped to finish your drawing? We can’t wait to see what you choose!

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