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How to draw a Fox Face

This tutorial shows how to draw your head and face of a fox in fifteen steps with examples and detailed instructions presented. Creating a realistic drawing looking for a fox head and face can be quite difficult. This tutorial shows how to simplify the process and make it easier to manage, starting with pretty basic contours and progressing in more complex details.

In addition, for this special tutorial, such a procedure is useful to be very useful in a general way to draw. If pencils and paper follow you, you should start with very clear and easy-to-delay lines. The examples have been obscured so that they can easily see for them.

Draw the shape of the fox head

Start the drawing by making two lines of cutting in a straight line, a vertical and a horizontal. Make sure it’s directly because the rest of your drawing is when you are not. The vertical line fixes the centre of the head, and the horizontal line is at eye level. This fox face drawing is purely dedicated to kids drawing easy.

The reason is to do this opportunity to help you make sure that the drawing is not distorted on one side and that different parts of the face are not badly aligned. For these lines, draw a simplified overview of the head, as shown by the example.

Get ears

On the plane of the head, add the contours of the ears. They are also simplified and contain none of the internal details or small bumps and curves.

Describe the fur pattern

In the face, add the lines to define the fox fur pattern, which goes into the eyebrows of the lower part of the face. The “fur model” refers to the cleavage between the orange fur screens of this type, which generally have on the head, and the white coat you have on the ground.


Between the furs lines of the previous step, add the muzzle outline. You can start by drawing the largest part (the slightly rounded area around the nose), then add each page.

Put the mouth

To the lower side of the cannon mouth, plot a horizontal straight line to adjust the placement of the mouth. Then you can also define the inner shape of the muzzle.

Draw facial traits

Draw a contour of the eyes, nose, and organic form of the mouth. You can delete the “investment line” from shipping backup as you do.

Draw the small face details

Finally, add the last details to complete the basic drawing of Fox’s head.

These will be:

  • Inside parts of smaller and curved ears near their lower parts
  • Inside curves of eyebrows
  • Reflections in the eyes (small oval forms)
  • Curves under the eyes
  • The curves go from the upper part of the nose to the mouth
  • Nose details (upper edge and tips of nasal holes).

Finish facial features

How to draw a Fox Face

If you are happy with your look so far, you can darken some of the facial features’ lines and shadows. The parts you want to do, Darker, should not be changed in the subsequent steps of the drawing.

Do the following:

  • The contours of the threads completely
  • Shadow in the eyes (leave white students)
  • Darker most lines defining the muzzle
  • Shadow in the nose, but let the nail along the upper edge and the other for the floor of each Nostriesa.

Draw the fur along the cheeks/eyes

Add a small layer along the cheeks and just a bit of the outside of each eye. To create this, perform a set of lines that make pieces of different sizes and shapes, as shown in the example. You can delete the contours of the cheeks after adding the mantle.

Draw the front fur

Add the fur along with the eyebrows and the forehead. Make the lines that define it along the lower part of the eyebrows, much shorter than the cheeks. Delete the contours of the eyebrows after adding the layer.

Draw the details of the fur model

Add a fur lightly along the pattern lines of a bit among the outer ends of the cheeks. You can make these lines short enough again. Delete pattern lines once.

Draw the stable

Add fur clutches large enough and long into the epochs, as shown in the example.

Draw meat

Finally, add the fur Piffles for the mane, which goes pretty much around the head’s outline. Do this smaller / shorter near up / down and more and more and long near pages. Delete the structure of the head once.


At that time, your drawing should be entirely done. Please make sure everything is fine and clean them as needed.

Add the mustaches and finish the fox drawing.

Or this last step gives the fox a small mustache. Try to shoot you thicker near the base and the diluent while leaving the muzzle. You can also get them up and shorter while they come down. When you’re done, you should be done with the drawing.


This tutorial reveals how to complete a simple draw, looking for a fox head/face. It includes step-by-step examples of how you can start with simplified contours and gradually add more details. I hope you found the collapse useful and easy to understand.

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