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How to Draw a Basketball Player

Draw a great-looking Basketball Player with easy, step-by-step drawing instructions and a video tutorial. Great for kids and beginner artists.

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Complete Basketball Player drawing

Basketball may be the only sport to be invented completely in America. It arose at a YMCA in 1891 as an indoor sport to be played on a rainy day. The first basketball goals weren’t hoops – they were actual baskets, half-bushel baskets used for peaches. Before basketball was invented, soccer balls were used. Today, certain basketball players are iconic – Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Steph Curry, to name a few. Would you like to draw a basketball player in action? This easy, step-by-step drawing guide is here to help. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

​Step by Step Instructions for Drawing​ a Basketball Player

Basketball Player drawing – step 1

1. Begin by sketching the basketball player’s head. First, draw a curved line, like a half-circle. This forms the top of the head. Then, use a “C” shaped line to form the ear. Finally, use a long curved line to outline the face and enclose the figure. Notice how the line forms a gentle point to indicate the chin.

Basketball Player drawing – step 2

Extend two curved lines below the head to form the neck. Enclose the neck using a “V” shaped line to indicate the neck of the shirt. Then, use long, curved lines to enclose the shape of the torso. Notice the short lines.

Basketball Player drawing – step 3

Next, begin sketching the shorts. Use a long curved line to enclose a narrow, rounded, rectangular shape below the torso, forming the belt or waistband. Then, use long lines to outline the shorts. A “C” shaped line encloses the figure, and short curved lines indicate folds in the fabric.

Basketball Player drawing – step 4

Use long curved lines to outline the leg, extending from the bottom of the shorts. Enclose the bottom of the leg with a “V” shaped line, which will also form the top of the shoe. Below the “V,” draw a narrow oval to form the bottom of the shoe. Connect each end of the oval to the sides of the “V” using curved lines.

Basketball Player drawing – step 5

Use short lines to enclose the visible portion of the far leg of the shorts. Then, use curved lines to enclose the leg and shoe. Notice the broken line that indicates the sole of the shoe.

Basketball Player drawing – step 6

Draw the basketball player’s arm, erasing guidelines as necessary. Draw a partial circle to form the opening of the sleeve. Then, outline the arm using long, curved lines. Note the nearly rectangular shape of the armband just above the elbow. Use long, narrow “U” shaped lines to craft each finger, fully enclosing the hand.

Basketball Player drawing – step 7

Draw the remaining arm. Use long curved lines to outline the arm, and complete the hand using long, narrow “U” shaped lines.

Basketball Player drawing – step 8

Detail the basketball player’s face and hair. Draw a wavy line, like a series of connected “U”s, to form the hairline. Texture the hair with curved lines, and enclose an irregular shape to form the scrunchy. Use long lines to enclose the shape of the ponytail. Use curved lines to indicate the eyebrows, nose, mouth, and lower lip. For the eyes, shade small circles within teardrop shapes.

Basketball Player drawing – step 9

Use curved lines to draw a stripe down the side of the jersey and shorts. Draw a set of horizontal curved lines across each leg, and connect them to the shoes using vertical curved lines. These form the socks. Please give her a shadow using straight lines beneath her. Finally, use a circle and curved lines to draw the basketball.

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