How to Check Battery Health or Maintain it on Android Phone?

Check Battery Health Android Phone

Just like we look after our health we have to pay attention to the health of the battery of a mobile phone. It might sound a little silly but yes the battery of the mobile phone also has its health. We can measure its health from good to bad by looking at the percentage it offers. When you buy a mobile phone which is a brand-new one, you will see that the battery health percentage is 100%. With time and usage, it can degrade or decrease the usage of the owner.

How can you check the battery health of your mobile phone?

You can easily find the battery health in the settings menu. You can click on settings and click on battery. Further, you can click on battery usage or battery health. Here you will be able to display the percentage of battery health that is still available on your mobile phone. It is important to notice that your mobile phone is going to the value is battery health good time.

So if you view the battery health as 100% today then someone is down the lane it might have reduced to 98% or lesser than that. It can also be maintained with healthy charging patterns or taking special care of the battery. Battery health is considered an important factor in your mobile phone because it provides for functioning. However, you can always find a way to replace or go for mobile repairing.

For other detailed information about the battery health of a mobile phone, you can download third-party applications. One Of the most non-application is the ACCU battery which will help you to check the health of the battery in depth.

When you download the ACCU battery application you will be able to open it four times. Charging, discharging, health and history.

  • Battery health

The battery health section in the application will simply tell you about the health of the battery. The percentage of the hell that is remaining will be displayed in front of you. With this, you will have a fair quality of knowledge that how your mobile phone manages its battery health and how long it can.

It will also display the estimated capacity and the design of the battery capacity. The times when you charge your device, the app is not for the maintenance of recording it. The application records the estimated battery capacity and its usage. It also has a look at the usage patterns of the user. You have to sign up on the application and the ACCU battery app will look up the battery design and the capacity. All of this information is taken by the application only to know and realize how much capacity of MAH in your battery you lose over time.

  • The Charging tab

The charging time will provide you with information on how long your mobile phone battery can last. The current state of the battery of the mobile phone is recorded by the charging tab and it can predict its life for the moment. The first icon that you’ll be able to view is a red and orange circle that is displaying how much battery life gets lost. The application record this life based on active as well as the ideal usage of the mobile phone.

Another icon that looks like a son will show how long your phone can last during active usage of the mobile phone. Another icon that looks like a bed will dip it for how long your mobile phone gets lost when it is not being used by you or simply inactive. You can also view the live statistics of a mobile phone while it is charging. The application will also help you to keep a record of the speed, temperature, and other factors of the charging procedure.

  • The discharging tab

The “Discharging” tab gives you data on your Android battery’s health while it’s not charging, including how fast the power drains and which apps are associated with that usage. It even gives you stats on your phone’s discharging speed.

If you want to look back into your phone’s charging data, you can do that, too, under the History tab.

Tips to preserve the battery health of your mobile phone 

  • Avoid overcharging

Overcharging happens when you just keep your mobile phone on charge and forget about it. You could do this while you go for a nap or sleep at night. Overcharging an overheating mobile phone and your battery can get spoiled.

  • Avoid artificial chargers

You might want to save a small amount of money by taking artificial charges for your mobile phone. This will result in the worst consequences as it will ruin the battery health of my mobile phone.

  • Maintain regular charging Patterns

Just like we All follow a routine mobile phone also needs that. Regular charging patterns can help you maintain the battery health of your mobile phone.

Battery health is an important factor that is looked upon when you sell used mobile phones in the market. The price of the mobile phone can degrade upon the worst amount of battery health.

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