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How plagiarism can affect your academic career?

Sometimes students are assign tasks that they find extremely difficult to complete. They may not understand the topic well. On the other hand, they may have very little time left to complete the work. Of course, students always have the fear of failure. Therefore, in order to avoid that they look for other ways. Sometimes, students feel so pressured that they decide to copy from others. This is called plagiarism. It has serious repercussions.

1. Prevents the students from learning

The greatest loss of plagiarism is a personal loss. It is the loss of the opportunity of learning that students create when they plagiarize. What is the purpose of being enroll in an academic institution when you are not learning anything? Education is mean to be inculcate in your mind. Copying work from others always prevents that.

Oftentimes, students only intend to understand the concepts from online works. However, when they try to mention those concepts, they unintentionally use the same sentences. To avoid this, you must always check your work for plagiarism. This can be done through tools like free plagiarism checker UK too. Also, always cite the sources that you use in your work. A citation is an acknowledgment that one document receives from another (Smith, 1981).

2. Source of embarrassment

Plagiarism always becomes a great source of shame for the student who plagiarizes. Being know as a cheater is not easy to bear. You would not be able to face the people around you with such a title attached to your reputation. You will not be respected by anyone. Indeed, you will lose your own self-respect.

Instead of copying someone else’s work, you can buy essay papers and submit those. In that case, you would have original work and you would not face the embarrassment of being a cheater.

3. Can be noted down in your academic record

Personal life embarrassment is not the only consequence that you might face. Instead, you may have to carry the title of being a cheater with you throughout your life in your documents. Mostly when a case of plagiarism is caught, it is note down in your academic record. While this step is take depending on the level of the offense, however, any student must avoid it. Nobody wants their academic documents to show that they were once caught in plagiarism.

4. Losing the trust of your class-fellows and professor

If a student is caught in plagiarism, it is not only the aspect of embarrassment that they come across. There are greater consequences too in terms of personal relations. Mainly, you lose the trust of your class-fellows and your professor. The teacher would feel betrayed, as their student didn’t depend on the knowledge that they delivered to them. Of course, it is a source of shame for the teacher too. Moreover, they surely wouldn’t forgive their student for that.

In addition, none of your class-fellows would want to be associated with you ever again. They would want to stay away from your company. They would not want your bad reputation to damage their image of being a good student.

5. Restriction on international programs and grants

An untrustworthy student can never be rely upon to represent the country on international fronts. If you would plagiarize, your professors would never recommend you for any foreign program. That is a huge academic loss that you would have to face. No matter what you do, your case would always be turn down.

Secondly, you would be deprive of any sort of grant too. No public or private agency would want to financially support you in your educational expense.

6. You may be given lower grades

Many times, students do not completely plagiarize their work. Instead, they try to use indirect methods. They plagiarize the work in little parts and add the rest through other means. They may paraphrase the rest of the work. This is often done in literature reviews too. You should not compromise on the credibility of the content of your literature review.

Even if you will not be held accountable for complete plagiarism, there will be other repercussions. Your professors are well-versed people. And they are always up to date with the new developments in your field. They would easily recognize where you have copied. Hence, they would give you minimum grades.

7. Failing the exam or course

If your plagiarism were explicitly recognizable then the consequences would be worst. You will fail the course at any cost. No professor would dare to pass you in your work. Many may even fail you if they recognize plagiarism even if they cannot properly prove it. They may present other reasons, like your work not being up to the mark to fail you in it. What would be the benefit of copying from somewhere if you would fail the course in the end?

8. Dismissal from your academic major

Failing the concerned course is not the only penalty. You might even be expel from your department. Hence, you would not be able to study the field that you chose. The concerned chairperson may find your presence in the department harmful. They may make a point that you would spoil other students too. Other students may want to follow in their footsteps. Therefore, you would not be allow to continue with your academic major.

9. Dismissal from the institute

Another step that could be take against you is complete dismissal from the educational institute. Of course, no academic institute would want to be associated with a cheater. It would damage the good image of that institute. People would not want to get an admission there after getting to know that students of this institute deal in plagiarism. If your crime is too severe, then you may be barred from applying to any degree granted institute forever through legal procedures.

10. Poor academic record can affect career path too

Once your academic record will be damage, it will stay with you throughout your life. Wherever you would show your academic credential, you would be regard as an unreliable person. This would hugely affect your career path. Nobody would want to offer you any job in his or her sector.

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