How long does an air horn last?

Air horns are specialty horn that is extremely loud and is used for bigger vehicles like big trucks or buses and trains. These horns are loud and can travel long distances so these are used in heavy vehicles to give people the time to steer clear of the route of the heavy vehicles. We will definitely discuss How long an air horn lasts but first let’s see its working principle. 

What is an air horn?

An air horn works in a very different fashion than a normal horn. It uses a stream of compressed air to vibrate the diaphragm while in normal horns, the diaphragm is vibrated by the application of electromagnets in it. This unique air horn was needed after an accident took place when a man thought of the train horn as a truck as they used to sound similar. So, now bigger vehicles use air horns besides keeping normal horns too.

The can air horns can last for around 200 loud blasts and the ones used in vehicles can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years depending upon the usage.

Types Of air horns:

All in all, there are two main types of air horns- low frequency and high-frequency air horns.

Low frequency

Air horns can produce sounds of variable frequencies and that depends upon the size, width, length, and girth of the horn component. Low-frequency sound is flat and sounds bassy and heavy. For example, males have a low-frequency voice. Low-frequency air horns can travel more distance in a shorter duration of time more effectively. These are used in cruise ships or cargos. This makes people aware of the heavy ships from a long distance and other ships or people can react accordingly. If you want a horn to use in your ship or heavy truck then a low-frequency horn is advisable. 

High frequency

A high-frequency sound is high-pitched. Females have a high-frequency voice. Very high-pitched sounds are annoying to people and are shrill. Along with that, high-frequency air horn sounds don’t travel far. These are used as whistles in sporting activities or may be found in small vehicles.

Working principle of air horns

Air horns are found in small spray bottle format for making noise or doing pranks. Since it works by compressed air so these bottled horns don’t need any electricity. These personal air horn are kept by many as self-defending systems where the public can be made aware of an attacker. This same format is seen in automobile air horn too but here compressed air is present in the air brake system and has compressed air in larger volumes. 

It is better to avoid using these horns in normal day-to-day traffic or area.

Now let us see the benefits of air horns

To scare away dangerous wildlife- When we camp in jungles or in the outskirts of a living community, dangerous wildlife animals like tigers or lions can be frightened away by sounding an air horn. As these are so loud the animals will likely get scared and additionally, the loud noise can bring help to us from far away. Also, when we are going fishing, hunting or skiing it is better to carry this compact horn with us so that we can draw the attention of people for help.

Safety feature- This loud horn can help us prevent accidents as we will get aware of an approaching heavy vehicle that is using this horn. Big trucks and buses use this and draw attention. People can also make people aware of something dangerous near them. Trains use air horn from quite a distance before approaching a station or locality which helps people stay away from the train’s operational area.

Other utility purposes- Air horns can be used for multiple purposes such as in races or other sporting activities. It can be used in ambulances to drive through traffic and it has many other uses.

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