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How do I write IGNOU Assignments?


In IGNOU, assignments are pretty important. They are just as crucial as TEE (Term End Exam). Both are required of each and every student, and they must pass both of them with a minimum of 40%. The tasks have a 30% weighting in the final grade. As a result, these tasks assist students in achieving higher overall grades. The assignment’s goal is to assess these students’ school achievements. The questionnaire for the assignment can be acquired from the university site, as stated by the University’s administration.

What exactly is an Ignou Assignment?

Every student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate programme at the University must disclose yearly tutor course work. Ignou Assignment activity is used to assess an achievement, which the subject teacher evaluates. Ignou Assignment marks are also important in determining final exam scores. If a person fails an assignment, they will not be considered passed even if they take the yearly exams. Write my assignment UK will highlight some crucial aspects that you need to learn. So let’s have a look

What are the steps that should be taken?

The assignment should be written on white coloured A4 size pieces of paper. If possible, the material should be of a higher quality than fragile sheets. Any type of pen, including rollerball, dot, and gel pen, can be utilized. However, because the student’s handwriting must be complemented by the pen, they must make a clear handwriting assignment, as this decision will impact the entire presentation of the project. Queries can be written with one colour pen (black) and responses with another colour pen (blue). It’d be more appealing as a result of this.

Margins of roughly 4 cm (minimum) should be kept, and correct spacing for two replies should be maintained. This would improve the file’s neatness. It will also allow some room for the teacher to write notes if desired.

The task must be written by hand. It is strongly urged that you do not print the answers.

What is needed and requested on the home page should be stated accurately.

A Xerox copy of the student’s relevant IGNOU ID card should be pasted in the following paragraph.

  • The student must paste a question paper from the task they worked on the third page (the answers contained in the assignment).
  • The assignment must be turned in at the study centre rather than the regional centre, and students must save the receipt securely. This is regarded as proof of the assignment’s submission.

What is the Best Way to Write IGNOU ASSIGNMENT?

The file’s look, orderliness, and calligraphy are all critical. Students should write the answers on their own. For assistance, recommendations can be obtained, but they must be written in the student’s own words.

Writing an opening paragraph in each question before moving on to the central part is a fundamental yet essential step. The intro should be short, sweet, and to the point. The response must be stated in points, preferably with bullets. Also, headings must be mentioned for each issue. Solid examples should be included in the response. A conclusion, consisting of 3 to 4 lines, should be presented at the end.

Boost your academic performance

The instructions will be printed on the question paper. The learner should read them attentively to better know what is expected. Many pupils make the standard error of misreading the question. Only by carefully reading the question paper can it be understood.

  1. The cover page must be appealing, and all needed information must be correctly filled in. The cover should be attractive but not clunky. Students should remember handing in an assignment to their educational establishment, not a greeting card to a friend.
  2. Writing should be readable and pleasant. The assignment should indeed be written slowly and carefully. Students should begin writing their assignments ahead of schedule to not have to rush through the process.
  3. The pupils are responsible for adhering to the word limit. When the word limit is 500, a student cannot write a response longer than 500 words.
  4. Plagiarism must be avoided at all costs. Plagiarism is a criminal violation because plagiarised answers prevent the examiner from evaluating the student’s worth. As a result, the learner will also suffer. The response should be well-presented and well-organized. The most recent date must be mentioned. It’s never a good idea to miss a deadline.

How Can You Write a Better IGNOU Assignment?

Learn how to dazzle the teacher and improve grades by mastering assignment writing techniques. Here are the five basic steps you must follow when completing your assignments.

1. Create unique content

The most important aspect of the project is that you must write your responses in your own words. You must not copy text from the internet or a textbook word for word. These are coursework tasks. And the University expects you to include some R & I (research & innovation) in your response so that the aim of the assignment can be met.

2. Clear and concise writing

This is not an answer sheet where you will have a time limit and rush to complete all of the questions; instead, this is math homework. You are told to write the IGNOU Assignments in your most delicate handwriting. There are two reasons why the University asks for written by hand coursework: • You need some writing practice before the exam, and • You gain the necessary awareness about your subject, and prose is the best way to recollect your lessons.

3. Invest in good stationery.

Always remember that you should adhere to the University’s assignment guidelines. Usually, universities recommend using A4 Size Ruled Paper Sheets to write your replies on good quality paper. You may use One Side Ruled and one side plain paper if your subject requires graphical demonstrations.

4. Keep your responses short and sweet.

You should not look for all the problematic and weighty terms in your reply. Maintain as much simplicity as possible. Make sure your answers are short and to the point, and explain as much as possible in each question. Make your claims with bullet points and headings, then back them up with relevant examples.

5. A properly formatted assignment cover page

Your Cover Page is the last and most significant component of your IGNOU Assignment. It should be correctly created with the IGNOU logo and specific information that is required to be included in your cover letter.


  1. Read and Read: First and foremost, read the Guidelines carefully as printed on the assignment question papers.
  2. Appealing COVER PAGE: Read the instructions carefully and develop a written Ignou Assignment cover page containing all necessary information. Because the first “Impression is the Final Impression,” it should be both original and attractive.
  3. A good HANDWRITING is a must: Ignou Solved Work should be written in your own handwriting, the most crucial factor in calculating your grade.
  4. WordCount: Always review the word restriction for the specific question; you must explain your answer inside the word count. No more nor less would be required.
  5.  DO NOT Cut / Paste: Always write the answer of your own thoughts; even if you’ve read the solution someplace else, don’t just copy and paste it; keep it in your own thinking.
  6. REPRESENTATION: You must be skilled in representing the solutions when preparing Ignou Solved Assignment. Keep the Sub – Headings separate from the regular paragraphs to clarify the answers.
  7.  The Deadline: “Haste makes waste”; therefore, be on time and don’t wait until the last minute.

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