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Homemade Cupcakes – A Classic In Southern Cooking

Every London chef has their own variation of the ultimate Homemade cupcakes. You could say they all have the same taste. However, this isn’t exactly how it goes down. If there is one thing that distinguishes each chef’s recipe from the next is the method of how they get the batter to the final stage. From the traditional circular cake to the elegant angel food cake and now back to the simple vanilla flavor cupcake; there is a wide variety to try and master in London. Bespoke, to many, means one of two things, either custom-made or recipe designed by the baker.

Basic Vanilla Cupcake 

This is actually quite an easy basic vanilla cupcake recipe, so far so nothing short of the most difficult homemade cupcakes around the world. But if you’re looking for something to challenge yourself with, then look no further. This is the perfect recipe for you.

Ingredients and the Process

This is more of an advanced base, in terms of both the ingredients and the process. The aim is not to create a unique cupcake mix, but rather to create a dessert with a very high level of difficulty. This is achieved using three separate ingredients, namely: butter, sugar, and dry milk. As the mix is required to have at least 65% butterfat, and therefore to have a very high degree of sugar, to achieve a balanced and rich dessert.

Regular Homemade Cupcakes

This is a very advanced bake and is very different from your regular homemade cupcakes. Rather than using a pre-baked mix, you use whole eggs in their place. There are other advanced methods that call for dried fruit or almond extract instead of eggs. The reason why this isn’t the regular recipe is that many bakers would not be able to achieve the needed levels of both ingredients to produce a successful cupcake. The results are therefore disappointing.

Regular Pre-Heated Cupcakes

Using a cold oven ensures that the ingredients cook evenly, and you can leave the mixer in the ‘on’ position every time you bake. Regular pre-heated cupcakes require using a spatula or fork, moving the bowl round prior to adding the ingredients, to ensure that each has got the opportunity to get a good coat of batter on it. This causes the cream to thicken, which is what you don’t want.

Issue of Dry Ingredients

This cupcake recipe doesn’t take into account the issue of dry ingredients. Using a digital Mixer is the best way to ensure that the dry ingredients are mixed thoroughly. If they aren’t, then they won’t thicken the mixture as much as you’d like it to. If the dry ingredients are mixed thoroughly, it will also prevent the mixture from breaking down, meaning that the cupcakes will taste more evenly. Once the mixers are set to their lowest setting, the dry ingredients should fall into a bowl and be mixed thoroughly. You then proceed to pour the batter onto the cupcake tin, following the pattern on the box.

Different Kinds of Cupcakes

Cupcakes are another favorite when it comes to cookies and homemade cupcake recipes. There are so many different kinds of cupcakes that you will be sure to find the one that you like the best. You can make traditional buttercream frosting cupcakes, or you can find recipes that use no flour, sugar, eggs, or oils at all. These are called “no-bake” cupcakes, and they can be absolutely delicious. You will be able to bake them right from the cup of your hands, and they will not stick or fall apart once they are cooked.

Paired With an Ice Cream Sandwich

Homemade Cupcakes can often be paired with an ice cream sandwich, a yogurt parlor sandwich, or with a biscotti, bundt cake, or biscotti sandwich. You can bake the cookies first and then put them onto an already-made sandwich or toasted piece of bread. They can even bake the cupcakes and then put them onto a simple white bread toasted sandwich. You will love how easy it is to make a sandwich in just a few minutes!

The Key to the Success of the Recipe is in the Frosting

The frosting is what gives the cupcakes their beautiful look, and this recipe does not allow for a lot of experimentation with different flavors. The frosting that you choose should be at least as thick as 2 tablespoons of cream cheese, or a quarter of a cup of shortening. In fact, you shouldn’t add any extra cream to the batter, and if you do, it should be very minimal, since the flavor will already be spread so thin.


The cupcakes should be frozen in their molds before you add the remaining ingredients, but you can try to defrost them just before serving. The resulting cupcakes are exceptionally well-made and beautifully decorated. If you are going to bake these at home, you should use a baked egg to make sure that your mixture has been mixed well.

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