Halogen Projectors Vs HID Projectors: Which is Better?

It is usual for a car owner to be interested in various headlight terminologies and varieties. Many know that most vehicles come with halogen headlights in a reflector housing. However, you might continue to hear jargon like HID and projector headlights. You might have to swap out the headlight housing to install them on your car. Unless the vehicle already has a stock projector housing, it does.

What is Projector Headlights?

A projector headlight consists of the entire headlight housing, down to the bulb. In actuality, an HID bulb complements a projector housing the best. It is expensive, bright, and is gradually gaining popularity. Projector headlights have a reflector bowl, just like another type of headlight system called a reflector. It has a unique shutter that aids in the headlight’s downward focus. The projector headlamp is completed by the items listed below:

  • Bulb

The primary source of light is the bulb. HID bulbs work best with a projector headlight. But what can also use LEDs with it? Projector headlights are brighter than reflector kayaşehir escort headlights that use halogen because LED and HID have large lumen counts.

  • Indicator Hood

A projector headlight differs from a reflector bowl in a reflector headlight by having an elliptical reflector. Due to its form, the shutter is the only object on which it may focus the light.

  • Shutter

The light coming from the reflector is divided in half with the aid of the shutter. Then, it only continues downward. Projector headlights have good downward visibility as a result.

  • Lens

While the light from the shutter travels to the lens, it disperses uniformly on the road. Because of what has frequently used headlights on expensive cars in the beginning, projector headlights feature rather recent lenses.

Why and Who Should Use

The brightest headlights available are projector headlights. Remember that projector housing works best with HID lights. Projector headlights would be better for people who use LED or halogen. Projector headlight systems, however, are somewhat pricey due to two factors. They cost more to produce, but they produce brighter light. Therefore, take your budget into account and choose wisely. Projector headlights are also appropriate for driving at night. 


  • Compared to reflector headlights, projector headlights are brighter.
  • To prevent dazzling others, they offer superior downward visibility.
  • They seem stylish.
  • The problem with dark spots is lessened with projector headlights.
  • Drawback
  • Its high price can be a problem for many people.
  • Installing projector headlights requires additional space.


  • It has plug-and-play installation capabilities.
  • It is resilient to all kinds of inclement weather.
  • What will include the driver’s and passenger’s side headlights?
  • It is made using materials of the highest caliber.
  • Peeling off the dust cover at the back will make it simple to replace the bulb.


  • The regular halogen lamp that is included with it is incompatible with the projector casing.
  • It fits poorly, and the light could jiggle slightly on bumpy roads.

Among the several projector headlights, the Anzo USA 111404 performs admirably. It has worked with all Dodge RAM vehicles from 2009 to 2018. It has an abrasive coating and UV resistance in addition to the highest-grade materials. It has both driver’s side and passenger’s side headlights. This top-notch projector headlight performed flawlessly over a wide temperature range while withstanding tests for salt spray, moisture, and dust. Ahead of all that, you receive a complete headlight that is quite contemporary.

What are HID Headlights?

One of the three types of h11 led bulb is HID. HID is less bright than LED but brighter than halogen. It uses a ballast mechanism to control and deliver current to the bulb to prevent energy waste and lower the risk of burnout.

HID bulbs typically last for 2000 to 3000 hours and emit enough light to allow you to move through the night’s darkness. Consider the parts of an HID headlight system:

  • Bulb

Two electrodes are housed inside the bulb. The electricity arcs leap between them to produce light. In the meantime, an HID bulb contains metal halide salts and xenon gas. With the help of this gas, the light can get brighter in as little as ten seconds.

  • Reflector

The HID bulb’s light is reflected by the reflector and projected onto a shutter. Because a projector housing with an HID is required, this reflector is circular.

  • Ballast

The electrical energy required by the light bulb is transferred and controlled by the ballast. The ballast prevents the light from using more energy than necessary, significantly reducing waste.

Why and Who Should Use?

People who want to replace their factory headlights might consider HID headlights. It is an affordable HID headlight but a bit pricey compared to halogen lights. While you wait, you might need to upgrade your stock halogen headlight entirely to a projector, which will cost extra. The average cost to replace the bulb and the entire housing is $275. Before purchasing an HID, take these costs into account these costs. HID offers high brightness and color and enables you to drive safely at night, HID offers high brightness and color and enables you to drive safely at night. HID headlights are a great alternative for you if you frequently need to commute at night. Most of the time, their installation process is complicated and requires assistance from experts. So, keep that in mind as well.


  • It has a fantastic downward focus.
  • You receive a brilliant light beam that is lighter in color.
  • Compared to halogen headlights, it has a longer lifespan.
  • The energy efficiency of HID headlights is excellent.


  • In comparison to halogen headlights with reflector housing, they cost more.
  • Compared to LED lights; they are less bright.
  • HID light installation is frequently a labor-intensive and complicated process.


You should now be aware that your car can have both a projector headlight and a HID at the same time. They function best together. Choose this combination if you enjoy bright lighting. If money is tight, go with a reflector headlamp with halogen lights. Whatever you decide, make sure it is compatible with the model of your car.

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