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Grahan Trek: Guide and Itinerary

Day 01- Kasol to Grahan Village

Your trek starts its base from the bridge near the Kasol bus stand. It takes about 4 to 5 hours on an average to cover the entire distance from Kasol to Grahan. Starting your trek right beside the bridge your trail explores the deep forests, mountain peaks and many scenic routes. The entire trail is marked by arrows and signboards that point you to the Grahan village to help the solo travellers and backpackers. The dense forest is rich in bio-diverse species of birds of the Himalayas. If you are an avid bird-watcher then the entire trek is no less than a paradise for you.

The chirping birds along with the rhythmic sound of the Grahan Nallah flowing alongside is sure to replenish and energise you. The pleasant weather is yet another motivating factor which keeps you going. There are two major bridges that one needs to take to cross the Grahan Nallah. At the sight of the second bridge you can assume the half-way mark of the trek. At a distance of 150 metre away from Grahan Village, you will be able to see the wooden houses of the village and the entire scenario looks quite peaceful and humble. Few of the stays are as old as 250 years old, defining its history and culture. Take a walk around the village, engage in some chit-chats, play with the village kids and try some organic home-made meals around the bonfire.

Day 02- Grahan Village to Kasol 

After enjoying your day and getting plenty of rest, get up early to ascend to the higher vantage point to get a mesmerising view of the sunrise. This is one of the viewpoints in the village where you can witness the majestic views of the Sar Pass ranges and you will be in awe of its beauty. The breathtaking landscape views are one of the major highlights of Grahan village.

Descend back to the village, have your breakfast with some backyard herbal tea if you are staying in homestays. After that you can get back on your trail after saying your goodbyes to the villagers and trek back 9 km of distance to Kasol. Make a pit stop near Grahan Nallah to soak in the peaceful aura of the Parvati river. After a journey of 4 hours you will reach Kasol and from there you can plan your onward journey to your hometown or choose to explore Kasol.

Difficulty Level of the Grahan Trek

Grahan Village trek remains easy for most of the part but towards the end there is a stretch of about 1.5 km where you need to pick what you want to go for. The route is divided into two, one of them being shorter but difficult on the other hand there is a longer route but comparatively easier one. The people usually prefer the longer route on the right hand side to preserve energy and enjoy the trek.

If you are up for something adventurous then the left side route is for you. However, keep in mind the time taken by both routes is the same as the tricky route requires more effort due to steep and slippery terrain. Don’t forget to sip on your water and carry enough water for the trek. Keeping yourself hydrated is the key to any fun filled trek.


There are homestays and guest houses available for accommodation. In fact, it is a good way to spend your stay mixing with the villagers and getting to know their culture. However, some backpackers trek to the secluded village of the Himalaya to get-away from the socially draining life and want to escape in the lap of nature. If you are one of them then camping in Grahan Village is just the option for you.

You can spend your night under the star-studded night sky with a clear view. Camping in the open ground is the best option for all the star-gazers. You can go offline and turn off away from the busy schedule and get an admirable view of the fascinating snow-covered mountain peaks, the wind carrying the sound of the nearby water-stream and breath-taking clear sky among the deep forest.

You can build up a bonfire and have your meal that villagers serve with their hospitality. However, keep in mind you are not allowed to consume alcohol inside the village so please be mindful about the rules as you can be restricted to enter inside the village if you found indulging in these acts.

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