Good cleaning and disinfection practices in hotels

Some practices that are ideal during the cleaning and disinfection process of hotels

Australia is a country full of wonders and things that we need to see with our own eyes. One of the main economic activities of our country is tourism, since it represents up to 9% of the Gross Domestic Product, it generates about 7.5 million jobs, placing it as the third most important source of foreign exchange in the national economy. With the pandemic, sanitary measures became even stricter in all public places; however, good cleaning and disinfection practices in hotels have always been a necessity in all establishments.

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Importance of cleaning and disinfection in hotels

In the hospitality industry, it has always been important to create a seamless experience when guests visit your facility. Only in this way can you be sure that visitors will choose a certain hotel again if it provides comfort according to what they are expecting. This includes the peace of mind of feeling safe in finding absolutely all spaces and surfaces clean during your stay.

In this digital world, visitor reviews have become the best ally to attract more customers or the worst enemy if there are two or more service criticisms within the hotel. Which can include poor service, unpleasant food, uncomfortable beds, tiny spaces,s and poor cleaning of the rooms or spaces that are part of its infrastructure.

Cleanliness in a hotel is a key point, as it is one of the most important characteristics that are sought when choosing a business of this type. In addition, it has a very special way of working. Well, you can not compare your needs with those of an office or industrial area. Since guests are at the hotel 24 hours a day, while in a traditional workplace, there is a schedule when the facilities are empty.

Aim and way in which hotel cleaning works

The main aim to carry out a correct hygiene plan in hotels is to clean and disinfect all the surfaces that are part of an infrastructure of this type, in addition, to properly cleaning the spaces to eliminate viruses and bacteria that may affect the health of guests and workers.

This cleaning procedure allows you to have a feeling of using a room or elements within it. Consenting that there is high homogeneity in all hygiene tasks in the spaces of greatest use. Such as common areas, lounges, reception, door handles, bathrooms, and the restaurant.

The main classifications given to cleaning and disinfection in hotels are made through their way of working and actions to be carried out.

  1. Manual cleaning of spaces within a hotel: In this block is all the manual efforts that are made by workers focused on cleaning. These activities include scrubbing various items, surface rising, and dragging dust and dirt. In this category are the use of tools and products specialized in hygiene and surface disinfection.
  2. Chemical cleaning procedures: The activities within this category can be carried out manually or by machines, but always using chemical products for the correct elimination of dirt and microorganisms that are harmful to people’s health. Among the cleaning efforts in this classification are acidic products for toilets, cold rooms or the use of disinfectants in kitchens to eliminate microorganisms that are harmful to people.

Examples of good hotel cleaning and disinfection practices

Some practices that are ideal during the cleaning and disinfection process of hotels are:

  • It is necessary to pay attention to the corridors of the hotels since it is an area of ​​constant transit of people. Therefore, they need a deep cleaning and disinfection process to prevent the formation of pathogens.
  • Although cleaning processes are a constant need in hotels. Doing a deep hygiene treatment should be done at night. What is it when there is less traffic?
  • In hotel restaurants, which is also a place where many people live together. It is necessary to vacuum and disinfect furniture such as chairs and booths. This will help guests feel reassured they are eating in a clean place.
  • Hotels must have excellent waste and garbage management. In this way, they not only clean their spaces, they also give neatness to a service of this type.
  • It is necessary to have an adequate chemical treatment in the bathrooms. In order to always have them clean and in an adequate state. This requires a good detergent for toilets, constant floor cleaning, and porcelain disinfection, among others.
  • A good cleaning job for a hotel room starts with the bathroom. In addition, carpets must be properly vacuumed and every surface that previous guests have had contact with must be disinfected. This leaves the room as new for the next visitor.

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