Eyelash extensions: everything you need to know before using them

One of the first things you have to know is that eyelash extensions are a complex universe. There is no single treatment . You can choose the number of tabs, their thickness and also the curvature. Depending on these three variants, you will achieve a natural or more sophisticated look, a cat-eye effect, eyeliner, etc. Mabel Joga and Ana Santiago , founders of 3D Eyes, explain that it is a “personalized treatment.


The first point that we advise you to assess is to look for a center that offers you confidence , because putting yourself in the hands of a good professional is essential to be satisfied with the treatment, and that the Eyelash extensions az extensions do not damage your natural eyelash. This is usually one of the most common doubts: what will happen to my eyelashes? Alba Lahesa, founder of Lashes & Go, answers us ” as long as the correct extension is applied, there will be no problem . Overload is a very important part of our work to control. The main thing is that the technician guides the client to achieve the result what are you looking for”.

We would all love our eyelashes to be longer, thicker… but the same type of eyelashes do not suit all of us.Going to a prestigious center also ensures that both the material from which the eyelashes are made, and

the glue used to adhere them, have passed the controls established by European Union legislation. The most common extensions are silk, polyester or mink hair.

Lash Extesion

The technique, experts assure us, is painless for the patient. Depending on the number of lashes that are placed, the treatment can last from 40 minutes to an hour and a half , because a lot of precision is required to choose the thickest natural lashes and stick the extension there. Yes, they use glue, but it is an approved medical glue, and it cannot enter the eye , since you have to keep your eyes closed during the entire treatment.

i Lash n Brows, official distributor in USA.. more Twitter followers of the British firm Nouveau Lashes, tells us that “eyelash extensions are not for everyone, we cannot put them on eyes that have infections or allergies “. There is no problem if you wear contact lenses (although you will have to remove them to get the treatment), nor if you wear glasses, but B√°rbara Torres advises saying so before “so that we can decide the final curvature of the extensions”.Eyelash extensions typically last 3-4 weeks .

If you liked them and want to continue showing off that sexy look, you will have to attend maintenance every month . This way they will replace the ones that fall off. If you don’t want to repeat, just let them fall off and wear your mask again.

Lash Expert

Eyelash extensions do not require special care, except during the first few days. Eduardo Laguna , owner and expert in Eyebrow Design at Sundara, advises ” not to wet them until 48 hours have passed , nor should they be in contact with steam, saunas or oils.” It is also important that you know that you should not use mascara or eye make-up remover , especially if it contains oils, because they would damage the extensions. Yes, you can use water-based make-up removers.

Regarding repeating the treatment, in principle there.. Buy Instagram Followers¬† is no problem, but it depends, above all, on your natural eyelash. Alba Lahesa says that “the thicker lashes have greater resistance. The thinner and weaker lashes should rest.

Our recommendation is that the client let the technician guide him on what is best for the health of his lashes.”

We are best

The ideal candidates for the treatment are those who have wavy or rebellious hair,

since the procedure consists of applying a formula that smoothes and combs it semi-permanently . As an added value, the bald spots are covered and neither the skin nor the hair is damaged.

The ‘eyeliner’ of two years

This is the time that the eyeliner remains intact with the procedure carried out by the Ana Olivares Center: ” Perfect for framing the look and making small corrections in a completely natural way, without making up being noticeable.

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