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Elements To Optimize For A Perfect Landing Page

The landing page or destination page is essential in your acquisition strategy. Used for most channels: referencing , sponsored links, display, e-mail marketing, it aims to lead the user to perform an action on the site. You can get in touch with Landing Page Design Agency in Washington.  In this article you will discover the essential elements to optimize for a successful landing page .

1. Relevance and correspondence

Just as we talk about user experience for a site, we also talk about Landing Page Experience (LPX) to designate the behavior of the user with the landing page. The goal is to create a good LPX. The first step is to check the match between the text of the ad (if it’s SEA) or the Title / Meta description (if it’s SEO) with the text of the landing page.

This relevance must be visible at first glance. It is therefore necessary to provide a clearly visible page title corresponding to the search of the Internet user. If the latter searched for “blue shirt”, these keywords must be found in the title of the landing page.

2. Reinsurance information

Reassure Internet users by inserting testimonials from satisfied customers. If you sell products or services on your site, it is important to provide payment security guarantees. They are symbolized by images and icons.

3. Calls to Action

The objective of a landing page is to enable conversion , in other words lead the user to perform an action on the site: subscription to a newsletter, purchase of a product or service, etc. To do this, you must set up call to action buttons. This button must be visible above the fold line, ie the user does not need to scroll to see it.

It is also recommended to create another call to action at the bottom of the page to give the user the opportunity to click on your button when browsing the page. CTA colors are also very important. They should contrast with the rest of the page to be better visible.

4. Quality of graphic elements

A relevant landing page contains neat graphic elements. Nothing worse to ruin your image than poor quality illustrations… Your credibility depends on it! Because even if your offer is qualitative, the form counts as much as the content

Also note that the presence of videos increases the time spent on the page and enriches the user experience, provided of course that they are of high quality.

5. Use directional signs

Directing the user’s gaze to your form is a good trick to increase the conversion rate. This is all the more useful when your page is rich in content because you have to keep in mind that you have one goal: that the user takes action! And multiplying the arguments, photos and videos risks having the opposite effect, that of distracting the Internet user. Hence the importance of directional signs and CTAs.

6. A responsive design page

Do we need to remind him again? Ignoring mobile compatibility is like shooting yourself in the foot. The number of mobile Internet users exceeded that of desktop users. Not planning a mobile version is therefore a strategic error.

Also make sure that the CTA is clearly visible and suitable for all devices: desktop, tablet and smartphone.

7. A successful page

At a time when Google is emphasizing the user experience, performance plays a key role. This is especially true for a landing page. It should load at lightning speed. The design, images and all elements should be optimized. Do not hesitate to measure the loading time of the page to find ways to improve.

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