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.From April 2022, Life is Tech! School X is a next-generation digital club activity Cyber Security Analyst Training that connects junior high schools and high schools nationwide online and works beyond the boundaries of schools inside and outside the school. Started. As of April, 5 schools from all over Japan, including Hiroo Gakuen, have participated. From April 26th, recruitment of schools starting in September has begun.

While IT skills Cyber Security Analyst Training and the experience of “creating oneself” are becoming more and more important for junior and senior high school students, it is difficult to improve digital skills in the school due to the environmental challenges and the lack of teachers. Aiming to improve the digital skills of junior and senior high school students with an eye on the Society 5.0 era and to develop human resources for digital entrepreneurs together with schools all over Japan.

High school students from all over the country

“Life is Tech! School X” is programming IT school camp for junior and senior high school students with more than 52,000 participants, and unique IT / programming education know-how that a total of about 320,000 people have learned at schools nationwide. exercise. After school on Saturday, junior and senior high school students from all over the country will connect from each classroom, learn the latest IT and technology through application development and game making, and accumulate new “made” experiences.

An original program that realizes optimal learning for each individual, reducing the burden of club activity guidance by school teachers. In addition to the support environment unique to Live Is Tech, which has produced many next-generation digital innovators, we also support the activation and sophistication of digital-related club activities and the maintenance of student motivation by being guided and accompanied by specialized staff and university student mentors. do.

Introducing the ICT development status

In the first part, from the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education CompTIA Security+ Training from 2016 to 2019 (Reiwa 1st year) “ICT pilot school”, from 2020 (Reiwa 2nd year) to 2021 (Reiwa 3rd year) Introducing the ICT development status and efforts of the Tokyo Metropolitan Mitaka Secondary School, which received the research designation of “Learning Method Research School for Society 5.0”. As a pioneer of the GIGA school concept, he talks about the achievements and issues. So that has been seen by operating each student’s terminal for 6 years.

The second part will explain the segregation of terminals and computer classrooms (CALL classrooms). So for each person at Mitaka Secondary School in Tokyo. From the position of being in charge of the information department. The effectiveness of each terminal starts in the high school stage from 2022 (Reiwa 4th year).  Because CYOD (Choose You) that Tokyo start for students enrolling in Tokyo Metropolitan High School in 2022. We will also tell you about terminal maintenance by Own Device).

Simple and convenient seat change app

In the latter half of the program, the “Educational ICT Anything 3 Minutes” corner is recorded. In the first part, we will introduce the “Simple and convenient seat change app” by Mr. Toshi Tanita of Doshisha Junior High School, and in the second part, we will introduce it. Because “Magic Movie with iMovie” by Mr. Noboru Enomoto of Morimura Gakuen Elementary School.

All shows are available on teachers’ YouTube channels. Every Wednesday night, the new work of the “teachers-Educational ICT Practitioners-” series is release. So far, 317 programs have distribute, and past programs can also be view.

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