Dedicated server Vs. VPS Server- Know everything you need to know

Every business must understand that as your business grows, you must also upgrade your hosting plan. Initially most business starts from shared hosting. As soon as the business picks up, they consider other types of hosting solutions. The most commonly preferred hosting solutions are dedicated server hosting and VPS server hosting. 

Both dedicated hosting and VPS hosting offers business with immense profits.  It is up to your business to decide which one is more suitable and meets your business needs. 

In this article, we will explain what all cheap dedicated server hosting and VPS servers can offer to your business. 

What is a Dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a type of hosting where you get an entire server to your use. You don’t share the server with any other user. All the resources would be dedicated to you. It also comes with a larger storage space than other forms of traditional hosting. 

You will have complete freedom over the server and configure the server environment as per your choice. Moreover, you get the root access. Just make sure that your server is backed-up and secure. Dedicated server is the best choice when your reseller business is ready to grow, so you can handle tons of sites and manage their resources. 

What is a VPS server?

Having a virtual private server (VPS) gives you access to your own private part of a physical server, which is the portion of the server’s resources that is dedicated to you. In addition to root access, you can install features not available on common shared and reseller hosting plans.

It allows you to make custom configurations as and when you like. Cheap VPS Hosting India servers aren’t as powerful or customizable as dedicated servers, but they’re less expensive than dedicated servers. If you look at the price: a midrange VPS plan costs about $110 per month.

In addition to hosting some types of websites on VPS, you can host some websites with highly specialized software and if those sites don’t consume too many resources. This is because most VPS options offer a maximum RAM of 8GB. That’s plenty of memory for testing and for low-resource sites. 

Both VPS server & Dedicated server comes in two forms:

1. Managed hosting Plans

2.Unmanaged hosting Plans

If you rent a VPS or a dedicated server without management, you get only the basic hardware. You are then responsible for setting everything up and maintaining your server, which doesn’t just mean installing WordPress – you will be required to install all the underlying technologies.

With a managed VPS or dedicated server, however, you will still get access to the dedicated resources as discussed above. But your hosting provider will handle all the configuration, management, and maintenance of the server on your behalf.

For this reason, managed servers cost more than unmanaged servers, but unless you are an expert, it is worth getting a managed server so that you do not have to worry about technical details.

Benefits of Dedicated Server 

Better security- A dedicated server might be your best choice when it comes to security. Part of this comes down to the word dedicated. Unlike virtual private server options, a dedicated server and the resources attached to it do not reside on a machine with multiple points of data transmission.

Access control- Dedicated servers give their users administrative or root access to the server. This level of access allows them to take full control over the hardware and software on the device, and it wouldn’t be feasible for different users to share the server’s resources or data.

Infrastructure reliability- As dedicated servers are physical devices, they are housed in data centers. The data centres provide redundant power sources to ensure servers remain operational when local grids fail. The data centres have diverse utility feeds and backup diesel generators.

Benefits of VPS Server

Improved reliability– VPS server gives you the full root access over the server. By using VPS hosting, you can increase your reliability and stability over shared hosting. Very few servers are usually hosted on a single node, which greatly improves performance.

Dedicated resources- A VPS is similar to a dedicated server because all resources are dedicated to you. Also, on a VPS, a lot more RAM and CPU are available than what’s available on a shared hosting account.

Better performance- You can achieve a much higher level of performance when you dedicate more resources to the needs of your business. Improved capacity and processing power result in a faster loading site on a visitor’s browser, resulting in increased engagement, and increased conversions.


No matter if you are choosing a VPS server or dedicated server, make sure it is suitable for your business. Also, make sure you hire services from a reliable and reputed hosting provider to get hassle-free services. 

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