Complete Guide on How To Install A DoorKnob With Lock

You may install new hardware as a quick method to enhance a functional aspect of your home, whether you’re trying to upgrade your home’s security or you’re tired of staring at an outdated doorknob. The good news is that you don’t need an engineering degree to install a doorknob and lock. In reality, modern door knobs and locks are meant to be installed swiftly and efficiently without causing any inconvenience.

It’s time to go to work installing the hardware after you’ve finished shopping for your new set. Follow the simple instructions below to install a standard doorknob and lock.

Materials And Tools Required

Materials And Tools

The first step in every do-it-yourself project is to gather the necessary tools and materials. You may require Only a few standard things for the installation of a doorknob and lock.


Select the appropriate screwdriver for the type of screws on your existing doorknob. A Phillips-head screwdriver will usually suffice.

Tape Measure:

A tape measure will help you to accurately measure the current space for the new set you purchase.


Follow the steps below to install a doorknob with a lock once you’ve obtained these tools. If you want to get it done professionally,  then you may contact the lock installation in Elmwood Park. 

  1. Take Out The Old Doorknob And The Lock

You need to take out the already present doorknobs before you install a new set. Remove the screws that hold your doorknobs and latch the plate in place with your screwdriver. Pull the knobs apart gently once you have removed the screws. Afterward, you can easily remove the latch and the external latch plate.

If you’re replacing the deadbolt as well, unscrew it as well. The screws for your deadbolt are often hidden behind a plate. You must first remove the thumb-turn lock before removing this plate. Look for the shaft connecting the thumb-turn to the lock’s interior. On this shaft, you should find a little pinhole.Simply press the pinhole with a paper clip or other similar device to release the lever. After removing the lever, carefully pull the cover plate off the deadbolt with your screwdriver. This will reveal the screws, allowing you to remove the deadbolt lock in its entirety.


The height of the knob above the finish floor and the backset—the distance between the center of the knob and the near edge of the door—are the two most critical factors to consider when installing a lockset. Most knobs are 36 to 38 inches above the floor; compare the heights of other knobs in the house and maintain consistency.

Interior doors have a backset of 2 3/8 inches while exterior doors have a backset of 2 3/4 inches. In the center of the face bore, the circular hole in which the lockset is housed is where the knob height and backset measures intersect. The latch assembly is housed in a second hole, the edge bore. A cardboard template is included with most locksets to aid in alignment.

  1. Take A Hole Measurement

Grab your tape measure and take measurements of the leftover hole if you haven’t already acquired a replacement set. Measure from the huge hole’s center to the edge of the door. This is known as the backset, and measuring it will assist you in selecting the appropriate replacement set. If you’re replacing both the door handle and the deadbolt at the same time, make sure to take measurements for both.

  1. Select A Substitute Carefully

Not only should you choose your new doorknob based on your specifications, but you should also be sure to note which side of the door your locking mechanism is on before purchasing a new kit. Because doorknobs are not reversible, it makes a difference whether your lock is on the inside or outside of the room.

  1. Replace The Latch Plate And The Latch

Install the latch plate once you’ve opened up your new doorknob and lockset. Using the necessary screws, secure the latch plate in place. After that, you can put the latch in place.

  1. Slip The Spindle Into The Latch

After you have installed the patch, install the doorknob piece with the long metal spindle through the latch.

  1. Position The Second Knob

After you’ve placed the first doorknob, carefully align the knobs on the rear side of the spindle with the second.

  1. Place The Strike Plate In Place

Place the new strike plate over the latching hole in the door jamb, aligning it with the hole and any marks that the old strike plate may have left behind.

Make sure the striking plate’s bent edge points in the direction of the door swing.

  1. Tighten The Screws On The Strike Plate

When everything is in place, open and close the door several times to test the new knob.

You need to fasten the screws tightly.

Tighten the screws back into place equally once both knobs are in place.

So, this is how you fix a doorknob.

  1. Install Deadbolt:

If necessary, install the deadbolt. Install the latch plate first, then repeat the process with the doorknob. Combine the front and back of the lock hardware and screw them together. If your deadbolt kit includes one, reverse the instructions for removing the screw covering. Lastly, You need to place the thumb-turn lever on the deadbolt.


A new doorknob and lockset is an excellent way to improve the look and security of your property. You can complete this DIY project in a few simple steps. I hope that this article has satisfied your query about how to install a doorknob with a lock.

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