Having been recognized as India’s most important national institute, many engineering aspirants in the country aspire to study at IIT. Many high school graduates choose to study overseas for their chosen Engineering degree despite the vast list of IITs offering BTech and MTech programmes in India. And you must think of Massachusetts Institute of Technology while considering Engineering programmes at a globally renowned college (MIT). lets know more in this guide for IIT vs MIT.

Offerings and Rankings of Courses

MIT, the most prestigious college in the field of technology, offers a wide range of distinctive bachelor’s and master’s degrees in practically every major subject of science and engineering. Engineering and physical science courses are the most popular among all major programmes. MIT, despite having only one campus, is at the pinnacle of its many disciplines of study, particularly for its superior STEM education, and was ranked #1 by the QS World University Rankings 2020.

The Admissions Procedure

If you’re curious in how the admissions processes at IIT and MIT differ, we’ll go over it in the next section. To get into the prestigious MIT, you must pass the SAT exam for a bachelor’s degree programme, and you must pass the GRE exam with acceptable marks for a master’s degree programme. In addition to both of these, you must demonstrate your English language ability through IELTS, TOEFL, and other tests in order to study abroad. Even though these exams are the primary criterion for admission to MIT, the entire application is considered, including the LORs and SOP submitted by the applicants.

Criteria for Selection

Both schools have different criteria for selecting suitable candidates. If you want to get into one of the IITs, you must score extraordinarily well in the JEE mains . And advanced exams so that you can enrol in the engineering programme of your choice. With an average score, however, you may be admitted to the institute . But you must enrol in the appropriate engineering course based on your score.

Life as a student

While IITs are regarded as elite universities in India, the international student community . You will find at MIT will be unparalleled. IITs place a strong emphasis on a tight curriculum for their students, with limited chances for extracurricular activity and research. On the other hand, MIT strives to provide a holistic education for its international students, and they are constantly encouraged to join its vibrant student community, which includes over 500 student organisations, including a large number of student clubs such as the Adam Smith Society, Data Analytics Club, Astropreneurship & Space Study Club, and many others! 

Is MIT superior to IIT?

For those interested in pursuing a career in science and technology while remaining in India, IIT is the greatest option. MIT’s courses are well-known all around the world. As a result, if you’re thinking about studying abroad and have an academic profile that fits with MIT. There’s no better place to go!

What are the distinctions between IIT and MIT?

Exposure, money for scientific research, and curriculum are the main differences between IIT and MIT. Studying at MIT can provide you with hands-on experience with some of the world’s top research opportunities.

Is it possible for me to attend MIT after IIT?

Yes, you can attend MIT following IIT if you match the university’s eligibility requirements.


Both the institutes are unique and best in their own way. It depends on which course you are planning to enrol in. 

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