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A classic from a French manufacture in the finest edition – Tank Must Rolex Replica is in many respects the quintessence of an elegant watch, which surprises with its versatility and absolute minimalism.

The watch industry is not free from prejudices and some firmly entrenched beliefs. In such a traditional and conservative world, this should not come as a surprise, especially since watch brands work for years on certain opinions. And so the Rolex invariably remains a synonym of reliability and life success, and the great three watchmakers, headed by Patek Philippe,

are associated with the prestige and the highest degree of watchmaking initiation. The name of indestructible has been attached to the G-Shock (and also to Rolex in part), and the Japanese Seiko is associated with the perfect entry into the world of high-class mechanical watches.

It is a bit more difficult with the elegance and the concept of an elegant watch – although I have no doubts. For as long as I can remember, I associated one brand with an elegant, stylish classic watch – Cartier. The very name of a French house sounds sexy, and it only gets better. I associate Catier with chic, undeniable elegance, class … I could mention it for a long time, but you probably already understand my taste. When I think of an elegant watch, I think of one image – Cartier Tank.

The undisputed icon of watchmaking (in our TOP 10 icons HERE) has become part of the canons of pop culture, and it is largely due to the “well-known and liked” owners of the Tank model. The rectangular watch was worn, among others, by Andy Warhol, Muhammad Ali, Steve McQueen,

Princess Diana, Jackie Kennedy Onasis, and Clark Gable. The list is probably much longer, because Cartier was reached by celebrities from many fields of culture, art and sports.

The history of the model, which debuted in 19XX, is so extensive and rich that one could easily write a book about it – however, for the purposes of this text, please refer to our #KultoweZegarki section HERE. One thing remains (virtually) unchanged – the typical form of a rectangular watch that Cartier has skillfully and delicately tweaked over the years, remaining true to the overall pattern. Each tank can be recognized from a distance by its shape, which was originally supposed to resemble a tank, seen from a bird’s eye view. The inspiration may be quite coarse, but so charming in a watch form. Rolex Replica

A year ago, Cartier brought the Must family back to the collection in another roll of the new Tank models. In short, it is a line of Tanks maintained in a classic form, with simple mechanics (also made of quartz) and reasonable prices. The collection includes several models, including the premiere Must Solar – a watch with a battery charged with solar energy.

Even this seemingly avant-garde design for Cartier fits perfectly into the canon, thanks to its classic form. Cartier fans were pleased not so much with the return of the entire Must line, but with three very specific, colorful models. Unusual details reside in Cartier’s DNA as much as minimalism and tradition, so die-hard fans of the French style breathed deeper at the sight of the green, blue and red-burgundy Musta. The tiny watches are packed in these colors,

while depriving the design of any other unnecessary details. There were only two slim hands and the brand logo on the dial, and a quartz movement landed in a steel case, attached to a color-matched strap.

To be honest, first I passed the colorful Tanks completely indifferently, a bit out of habit with the typical, traditional character that a watch should have (in my mind). Time passed and I started to look more favorably at the colorful Tanki – I just couldn’t decide which color suits the watch the best. So Cariter decided to help me choose, and a few months later he showed the most classic of the color versions – because black is also a color. Black Tunk Must appeared a bit in the shadow of other premieres of the brand on Watches & Wonders (including the geometric Tank Chinoise) but for us, and not only, he was a silent hero. How good, you will read about it in a moment.


As I have already mentioned, the Must collection is the basic proposition in the Tank family of watches, addressed to a collector who wants to start an adventure with the brand but at the same time does not have a budget for anything from the higher shelf, or something vintage. For this reason, the Must is also kept to a minimum, both from the purely aesthetic side and from the point of view of what Cartier puts in rectangular envelopes.

Minimalism works perfectly in this case, because despite its relative budget, the collection is 100% embedded in the DNA of the company and model. Rolex Replica

So the must is rectangular, flat, with a simple dial (mainly silver) fake watches uk decorated with typical Roman indexes. There are several options to choose from, from a large mechanical model with an automatic movement, through smaller models in quartz, the SolarBeat option (with a battery charged with solar energy) and a leather bracelet or straps. Everyone will find something for themselves in the offer, and those who value individuality will probably opt for options in colors – bold, but with a whole lot of their own character.


This word best describes my first impression after unpacking the shipment with the watch. Like I knew in advance that the classic Tunk is small, but so … So much so that at first I thought that someone in Cartier just made a mistake and sent us the wrong watch. Quick fitting corrected the mistake, but one thing is undeniable – Tunk Must Black is a small, tiny watch… frighteningly unimpressive with dimensions. Rolex Replica

The steel, simple case with rounded edges and a polishing covering almost the entire surface measures 33.7 mm x 25.5 mm. In addition, it is very light, attached to a leather strap and flat, only 6.6 mm. I don’t know how much a standard cube of chocolate has,

but Cartier’s dimensions are exactly so inconspicuous and you need a taste that prefers such forms to get used to it. It took me some time and I don’t think it really worked out, but more about that. On the right side you can see the characteristic, undeniably “Cartier” lace with a blue spinel cabochon.

From the bottom, the case of the watch is closed with a full, screwed case back with a few lines of engraved text, and from the top with a rectangular,

flat tile made of sapphire glass. The shield closed underneath it is minimalism that goes even further than the simple forms of the housing.


Simplicity and minimalism lie at the heart of the overall Tank design philosophy, but pushed this to the limit with the Must Black. All in all,

the logotype could only be removed from the design, because with nicely shaped, polished hands, it is the only elements of the dial (not counting the tiny Swiss Made at the bottom).

The rest is deep, shiny black, which together with flat glass creates an interesting spectacle of various types of reflections,

shades and flashes. Does the lack of indexes interfere with reading the time? Not at all, because we do it intuitively and unless we care about surgical precision, there is no problem at all.


The two hands of the watch are powered by a quartz movement in the case. And this is basically the end of this paragraph, because Cartier – justifiably – did not try to just mechanical versions. After all, the watch has two hands,

so the lack of a second hand hides the electronic nature of the drive. Cartier only states that the caliber has a high autonomy of gait, which means that it will work up to 8 years on one battery. Rolex Replica


Definitely not technical parameters, not mechanics and the so-called Artistic impressions are the most important thing in the Cartier Tank Must Black. This is one of those watches that 90% are bought with eyes, and the remaining 10% are pure emotion.

My original concern about the wretched size of the watch, repeated by everyone I showed it to,

quickly gave way to a form of appreciation. Certain, because I still think that it is a tiny watch and although I do not have a wide wrist, I would gladly add a millimeter or two to it. On the other hand,

the minimalism of the entire design is also its dimensions, which to some extent determine the purpose of the watch. With all confidence, it is the most elegant timepiece that I have tested,

one that can be boldly worn with any suit, and even the most formal Black Tie. It does not suit a sports outfit or jeans, although in today’s world the conventions are blurred.

– Rolex Replica

If the Cartier Tunk Must (Black) was treated as a budget entry into the world of the French brand, this is an excellent option,

but not entirely budgetary. For a steel, small watch with quartz you have to pay PLN 14,500 – and that’s a lot. Another thing is that we get a product that does not differ in quality from the more expensive models, looking like a thoroughbred Cartier with all the details. A wide selection of Must versions allows you to find something perfect for you. Must Black is definitely a proposition for an aesthetic ascetic,

for whom unpretentiousness is a synonym of luxury (not to be confused with the price) and the minimalism that I have already mentioned (for which I apologize to linguistic purists) minimalism.

The watch is very discreet, elegant like jewelry, and at the same time … it’s Cartier. The French maison, with its stylized logo, red boxes and absolutely timeless design,

is synonymous with tasteful luxury – not one that costs a fortune,

and therefore is perceived as prestigious. Cartier simply has a class, ethos of style that has been valued for decades. If you don’t have Cartier in your collection yet, it’s time to change that. Tank Must will be a great choice,

and the Black version will be especially appreciated by those for whom a sense of style and fashion is extremely important. Cartier even exudes it and you have to be really resistant to this charm, not to appreciate it. Rolex Replica


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