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Best stay for backpackers in Manali.

See when it comes to hostels we are so excited about the views and the staff and the food hostel is a priority when it comes to traveling so why not give you the top best stay for backpackers in Manali.

1. La Vaca India Manali

It’s a very good hotel to step in with the backpackers it’s a rooftop and it has Cafe it has a private room

2. Keekoo Manali 

It is located on Aman Manali commercial place it’s a very hilltop resort it is available for family and it’s a vegetarian restaurant so you can go there it’s a beautiful place with a beautiful scenery

3. Yolo backpackers

Yellow backpackers for the monsoon and traditional decor this is perfect for pets and Lee if you have any pets you can go there are very beautiful and cozy and you will get a mountain view

4.The hostellers Manali

You will get a view of beautiful Solang Valley in this hostility fabless Multicuisine Cafe in the kitchens and you have a library with gardens and sitting areas so you can go there

backpacker headquarters at Manali

So as you heard the name is headquartered of anna leads in the near of pristine river and start a tweet specious bad and coffee tables serve old school bohemians

5. Matt Packer Manali

It’s a beautiful hostel in Serene village it’s on a hill so you will get a hill view you will get a note of Indian cuisine with fresh farm produce

6. Folklore hostel Manali

Located in the backpacker’s hub of old Manali it’s a very beautiful place you get a view of Dulal mountains in a rustic village and it’s comfortable rooms So you can go there

7. The culture nation hostel

It’s fully furnished rooms on a hillside adult only

8. Alt  life 

Okay so first we have situated in bye Siri words it is a very beautiful hostel situated in front of gardens and terrace and you can enjoy the landscape use from the Manali so I was living is the best hostel when it comes to stay

Around 2.6 km from Hidimba Devi temple

9. Orchard house

An adorable property with comfortable launch rooms and restaurants also houses a perfect hostel when it comes to staying with your families and you can play games also there

Old Manali

10. Safar hostel

Safar Jose is a popular destination when it comes to travel it’s a kind of circuit House it’s a delightful stay the staff is also good and you will get breakfast free during this day

Old Manali is less than 1 km

11. Young man hostel

Just like the name the hostel is also unique, it’s a very silent property so if you like silent places you can go there they will maintain garden and lounge areas and they will give you free accommodation of breakfast

Manali, around 1.9 km

12. Zostel

As they provide a very nice room with a view of the mountains and the garden and the trees it’s a private room hostel and you will feel like a hotel when you go there but it’s a hostel

5 km from Hidimba Devi temple

13. La vaca India 

It is a very beautiful hostel with a Lake view it gives you American breakfast in the morning and hiking and sports activities are also available at this hotel so you can go there with your family

Situated in Manali, 5 km

14. White Forest 

It’s a very beautiful hostel the people say we can live here without any queries and any complaints so it is the best review hostel white forest you can go there the sitting areas also comfortable and they will give you free medicine breakfast

This property is located in Old Manali,

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