Best Live Streaming Platforms You Should Know

Have you ever tuned in to the live feed? Yes, I believe that is the case. Live-streaming has now evolved into a way of living that pervades all aspects of life. Live streaming boosted eCommerce in China and fostered meaningful shopper interactions. Due of the lengthy quarantine period in the United States, American citizens have become acclimated to the overwhelming effect of video functionality. So, what are your favourite Livestream platforms?

Here’s a rundown of the top live streaming software platforms that anyone interested in broadcasting should be aware of:

Twitch TV

Twitch TV a popular live streaming and on-demand video platform that allows customers to view whatever they want from their console or computer. It gives you access to all of the most powerful platforms for the fastest live streaming possible.

Twitch has recently seen increased traffic, which has resulted in downtime. It’s especially aggravating while your video streaming is in progress. Not to mention the frequent controversies and negative chatter that wears you down. There are, thankfully, reliable replacements available. Simply choose one of the finest Twitch alternatives below that provides similar features and improve your gaming skills.

  • It is regarded as a user-friendly live streaming platform with exceptional features.
  • The basic account is free and may be set up right from Facebook.
  • A monthly fee of $4.99 is required for a turbo account.
  • This platform will be ad-free.

Facebook Live

Users can distribute material on Facebook based on the preferences of their friends and followers using this platform. On this site, people enjoy live streaming from their personal accounts, pages, and public figures. What’s more, you’ll be able to connect with potential viewers in real time.

Facebook isn’t the first platform that comes to mind when it comes to game streaming platforms. However, it’s worth noting that Facebook Gaming has demonstrated its capacity to give capable streaming to game streamers. This makes sense, given that eSports leagues have decided to make Facebook one of their official streaming sites. As a result, you may watch eSports events directly from this social media platform.

  • Users can learn about their audience’s reactions in real time, allowing them to improve their broadcasts for better outcomes.
  • When you are live streaming, your followers will receive immediate notifications.
  • It’s completely free to download.


Here’s your own live-streaming app, fully integrated with Twitter. Periscope is popular among users because of its simple interface and wide range of interesting content.

Users can broadcast from their mobile devices using Periscope. To increase viewership, you can also push the stream to your Twitter accounts. Periscope, like Twitch and other platforms, allows viewers to communicate in real-time with the broadcaster. While watching videos, viewers can comment and like them.

Users can also broadcast videos in either landscape or portrait format on this streaming platform. It only gets better from there, because you can save the completed streams for later viewing. If you have a problem with irritating viewers, you can use the block option to block them. Twitch, on the other hand, provides this service.

  • You will begin receiving updates regarding followers, comments, and new members after you become live.
  • All of your aired videos can have video replay settings enabled so that viewers can watch them afterward.
  • Replays are available 24 hours a day and can be deleted at any moment.
  • Users can use Twitter to broadcast videos to a specific audience.
  • It’s completely free to download.

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