Benefits Of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training And Certification For Project Managers

These days’ employers are looking for the best in terms of skills for all the roles that are to be filled. This is the reason why professionals are more into gaining more knowledge and skill even after grabbing a job. There are several certifications and training that one can take up to up-skill and become more demanded in one’s profession. One of the popular certifications that are gaining a lot of attention of late is; lean six sigma black belt certification. Many jobs these days ask for this certification either as eligibility criteria or as a preferred skill.

However, many might think, what is the exact reason behind getting a six sigma black belt training and certification, and what purpose it will have in long run.

Here are some reasons why getting lean six sigma black belt certification can be highly beneficial:

Better professional opportunities

One of the biggest benefits of having a black belt certification in six sigma is that a professional will come across better opportunities. The certification will open a wider world in the project management field. One can reach better companies, can work for better profiles, and can increase one’s network globally. This will also help in increasing the annual income of a professional along with the reach.

A better understanding of the problems

There is no way one can solve the problem, without having an in-depth understanding of the problem. Defining the project management problem is what comes first under the training, this makes a professional adept in understanding, defining, and analyzing the problem at hand. This will help in chalking out a better strategy for teams and management.

Improved technical skills

Project management is all about defining the problem, measuring the objectives and results, analyzing, improving the controlling the outcome. All this requires technical analysis skills that one can learn and train oneself in six sigma black belt certification. This helps in the better judgment of the work process and in making more informed decisions throughout the project.

Better client relations

When a project faces any type of issue, and there are questions to answer from the client side, the project manager needs to be ready with the solutions and answers. Better project management skill that goes around improvement and control will help in bettering the client relationship. This is highly crucial for the business to have a long-term relationship with the clients in the market.

Better communication skills in the workplace will go a long way. Enhanced skill in project management, is not just about handling the difficulties, streamlining the workforce, and understanding the objectives. It is also about communicating with the management, teams and having a clear line of cross-team communication. Lean six sigma black belt training allows one to enhance this particular skill that will take one a long way.

When one improves their skill in project management, they are more of a reliable professional to just do the footwork but also analyze the situations. This certification will help understand the market, the requirement of the workforce, the objectives, and the hurdles one come across in a much better way.

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