Benefits of deep machinery cleaning

With these types of instruments, there also comes a great deal of cleaning responsibility.

In all work or employment, we know we need a certain team to carry out our daily activities. And with these types of instruments, there also comes a great deal of cleaning responsibility. Not taking care of them becomes a waste of money, time, and even human resources. For this reason, deep cleaning of machinery becomes so important for every industry or company.

Cleaning is a vital aspect of any industry, regardless of the sector in which we find ourselves. The lack of cleanliness within the work area has a negative impact on the workers and on the entire production process. It is very important to have the proper and well-established cleaning team to avoid any problems that are directly related to dirt.

Machinery is one element that is most affected by a lack of cleanliness. Poor planning of cleaning can mean a great decrease in its performance and useful life, which could complicate various processes. Maintaining constant and correct cleaning will help make your work process more efficient, and above all, reduce the chances of a malfunction.

Some of the most important benefits of deep cleaning machinery are:

  • Reduced risk of overheating: Machinery that receives regular cleanings stays at a good temperature, while those covered in materials such as mud or grease break down quickly. Although heat is a necessary element for these instruments to work, in excess, it considerably reduces the useful life of any equipment. For example, vehicles that are subjected to overheating stop working mid-job.
  • Less idle time: The correct cleaning of machinery will help you to greatly reduce downtime between each task. It is normal for machines to show faults as they increase without proper maintenance. When you give your equipment a deep clean, you remove any traces of material that could harm them. In this way, your workers will spend more time working and less time troubleshooting.
  • Prevention of failures: By carrying out regular cleaning tasks, you have more opportunities to check the engine of your machinery. This will allow you to spot any damage or signs of corrosion or rust early. As well as detect metal fatigue, which is normally covered under various layers of dirt. You will also be able to change worn or leaking parts, allowing it to work better for longer.
  • Reduction of unnecessary costs: If you have a good plan for cleaning industrial machines, you will not have to spend money on repairs, which is one of the biggest expenses out of all budgets that companies can have.

Aspects to consider when cleaning machinery

Cleaning your equipment should not only be with soap and water. Because of the type of materials and chemicals with which you work, it is necessary to use some type of degreaser. There are various detergents for industrial machinery that act as active surfactants. When water is mixed with these types of chemicals, the bond between dirt and surfaces is broken, allowing every essential part of the machine to be thoroughly cleaned.

Synthetic detergents adhere to dirt or grease, while a hydrophilic solvent acts, causing this dirt to be expelled from the interior of the machinery, which makes cleaning it much easier.

One thing to consider when cleaning industrial machinery is that cold water is extremely effective when treated with the right chemicals. While hot water is ideal for the surface of the machine, it removes larger traces of dirt more quickly and easily. However, the cleaning process happens at the molecular level, so the temperature at which we do the cleaning is not very important if we have the right equipment.

Professional cleaning for your machines and plants

If the lack of cleanliness in the machinery is causing major problems in your company. Let the experts do the cleaning tasks as an option. In this way you allow a professional team to take care of the maintenance of your machinery and you can focus more on the work. Besides reducing the time, costs and effort of your workers, the cleaning will be impeccable.

At SCS Group, we have a team of people who are perfectly trained to clean all surfaces. We have 10 years of experience in the industry, and we use professional equipment to keep your workplace perfectly clean.

We know the importance of keeping machinery clean and useful for your company. Therefore, we adapt to the requirements you need. Quote today on this website or write your questions in our chat to help you leave your spaces shiny.

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