An Ideal Material For Cigarette Packaging

Why cigarette packaging matters?

As the world is progressing, The wind of addiction has also changed its direction. The trend of cigarette smoking is now taken over by e-cigarettes. The E-Cigarette industry has gained a huge popularity. With this competition, what makes your performance better and unique is your packaging. Though the e-cigarette packaging Boxes is also spending a huge amount on its marketing and branding, Cigarette Packaging may still opt for custom cigarette boxes to take over the market.

Say Yes to No Smoking

We shouldn’t promote cigarette smoking by any means. No matter how good the brand is, how superior the property is and how wonderful the ingredients are, cigarettes are always injurious to health and may have dreadful effects on the organs. However, after all the warnings if a person still wants to consume it, it’s surely their personal choice and decision but it’s our responsibility to print all reminders on custom cigarette boxes to make the unaware one’s aware of its effects.

Designing the cigarette packaging

Usually, most of the brands use cardboard material for the packaging as it is compatible with  full-colour printing options on custom cigarette boxes. It also has a room for enhancement using add-ons, finishing’s and coatings. Glossy, Matte, UV or even aqueous coating may enhance the look of your printing and cherry on the cake when you accompany it with engraving, embossing, debossing or even foil add-ons. They also support digital printing and pictures on them. Usually custom cigarette boxes are designed in regular size where they can accommodate unto 20 cigarettes.

Kraft box is another ideal custom cigarette packaging material but since it comes in brown colour by default, it has printing limitations as it cannot print the famous CMYK colours. Matte/Gloss lamination is not available for the kraft card stock. Moreover, an extra coating is not present on the Kraft stock that’s why we do recommend only 1 colour printing on the Kraft stock. However, considering the cost both kraft and cardboard are equally economical and affordable. Both are eco friendly and fatih escort biodegradable.

Style that represents your brand

Cigarette boxes are available in various designs and packaging. Depending upon the number of cigarettes you want to carry and how you want to carry them around, you can always opt for any of the commonly Trending cigarette packaging wholesale. The most trendy cigarette packaging may include:

  • Sleeve Cigarette boxes
  • Display carton cigarette boxes
  • Blank Cigarette boxes
  • Rigid Cigarette boxes
  • Foil Cigarette boxes

However cigarettes can be accommodate in both hard cigarette box and soft cigarette boxes depending upon your need and requirements. 

Hard Cigarette Boxes vs Soft Cigarette Box

There is no scientific evidence to back up the difference in taste of cigarettes taken from hard wholesale cigarette boxes or soft cigarette packaging sit is all about personal preference of the consumer.

  • Hard Cigarette Boxes

Hard Cigarette boxes are often found laying in  someone’s handbag or bag, or maybe on their car seat pocket or hand rest. Pretty sure, you wouldn’t like your car seat or handbag spoiled with the small pieces of cigarette. Neither would you appreciate having a broken piece of cigarette. That is where hard wholesale cigarette packaging is use, not only it locks the cigarette chunks from falling but also protects the cigarette from external pressure and force.

  • Soft Cigarette Packaging

People who like to extract a cigarette within a blink of an eye prefer soft cigarette box. These soft Paper Cigarette Packaging can be found either in the front pocket of the jeans or side pocket of the shirts. The soft pack also takes less space as compared to hard pack. Because in soft Custom cigarette Box, the number of cigarette diseases and the packaging is compressible.

We’ve got the fix

Don’t worry, you don’t need to boil your brain with all these technicalities, let us take your burden. Once you have made up your mind with the style of wholesale cigarette packaging, contact our versatile designers. They will guide you through the best cigarette box material printing options size and dimensions and the perfect add-ons. They will also help you in designing the most appealing and attractive custom cigarette boxes. So contact us to get your cigarette Box at the most affordable and pocket friendly rates.

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