7 tips for waste management in companies

What is responsible waste management and why have it?

During the work of any company, it is normal for a large amount of waste or waste to arise. Sometimes, because of the work and the rush to deliver the result in the designated time, the garbage management process is not taken into account. Which has a negative impact on the environment, and can reduce potential customers interested in caring for the Planet.

What is responsible waste management and why have it?

Waste management is the process that is executed to eliminate garbage. This starts from collection, transportation, and deposit, to treatment, in properly equipped facilities, to dispose of garbage responsibly and without harming the environment. This process implies that whoever generates the waste takes charge of it to undertake actions that prevent excessive accumulation in landfills.

  • These residues represent one of the main contaminants of water, soil, and air. Furthermore, they are a public health issue, so companies need to adopt good waste management practices.  Well, by implementing a correct waste collection system:
  • We generated an excellent opportunity to protect the environment.
  • It improves the image and positioning of the company by offering this bonus to customers.
  • The ecological footprint left by any industrial activity in the world is reduced.
  • The company gains a better social reputation and increases its value.
  • The amount of waste that accumulates in landfills is reduced, reducing pollution levels.

Ideas for good waste management

Keeping the environment in mind and being passionate about our work, SCS Group offers 8 tips for a good waste management system. In this way, we protect the planet, maintain cleanliness and order in the workplace, as well as allow your company to continue growing.

Think of new ways to reduce packaging. Buying products in bulk reduces waste production to a great extent. By reducing the need for boxes for transportation, we prevent these same containers from ending up in landfill.

If you have a company dedicated to the food business, you can donate cooking oil to various organizations that convert it into biofuels.

It is necessary to separate hazardous waste from non-hazardous waste. Well, each type of garbage has a different way of treatment and disposal.

Adapt a waste collection system focused on recycling. It is important to check that we have adequate training to know the best industrial practices on this subject. Frequently, recycling means a little extra income for the company.

Have designated garbage cans for the correct separation of waste. Make sure that they are always within reach of the workers and that these signs are easy to interpret.

Create a business policy where less waste generation is part of the initiative, avoiding the use of unnecessary paper and fewer purchases with cardboard packaging. This way, everyone will be on the same page regarding these environmental issues.

Apply a correct waste treatment policy, using the technology for it. It is not just about trying or wanting it, it is essential to have the tools to carry out these actions.

As a bonus tip:

Investigate companies that want to take care of your garbage. There are always teams of experts who will work with you in search of better waste management. In this way, you worry more about maintaining the pace of production and guaranteeing the best waste treatment.

At SCS Group, we care that your company has the best disinfection and cleaning service without forgetting environmental care. We have experience in the sector to advise you on the correct cleaning of your workspaces, no matter what business you do.

We help you have and maintain clean and disinfected spaces. Send a message through our online chat for an expert to contact you or request a quote from our website.

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