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7 Tips for IELTS Reading Speed

IELTS Reading Speed

I’ve outlined seven tips below which I hope may help to increase your reading speed and make reading an enjoyable experience. Let’s check 7 Tips for IELTS reading speed you should follow to crack IELTS reading test.

Do Really IELTS Reading Speed Matters?

IELTS Reading Speed Matters for IELTS Test

Practice Eye Exercises

Eye exercises can help us control our eye movements to improve reading speeds. Some good exercises include moving your eyes in circles or along lines. While reading, you can do some of these exercises during a break or just before reading.

Practice Reading Online For Free provides reading tests, reading articles and reading passages which are all free of charge to access at your convenience. This website is quick and easy to use with the reading passages being divided into several levels according to difficulty. There are four reading modes:

  • Listening mode: we listen to audio and read at the same time.
  • Reading mode: we read silently and choose whether or not we want audio.
  • Multiple choice modes: we pick one answer only from a list of five options provided for each question.
  • Cloze test mode: we select an answer for every blank in a reading passage so it makes sense when completed selecting the correct words from a list.

Improve Reading Comprehension by Following Reading Strategies

Reading strategies are things that we do during reading to help us understand the text better and increase reading speed at the same time. An example is “making inferences”: reading between the lines to use our knowledge of a topic to make educated guesses about what we’re reading

Here are some examples:

  • Predicting what will happen next in a story.
  • Forming mental images based on descriptions of events, characters or objects.
  • Comparing content across different texts that have similar themes or topics.

Scanning the reading text for specific information needed for an assignment by quickly looking over heading, subheadings and bold print. For example, if you need to find out where a story takes place, look for the word location. These reading strategies will help you enjoy your reading and improve your reading speed at the same time.

Seek Feedback from a Mentor

Seek tutoring if poor reading skills are affecting academic progress. If reading comprehension is slow because there are gaps in basic reading skills such as sight word recognition or phonics, it’s advisable to see an experienced reading tutor who can find out where those gaps lie and how they can be filled. A free initial consultation with our educational experts might be enough to give you that extra boost you need to improve reading fluency and increase reading speed. You could begin enjoying reading soon after that!

Find Out How Your Reading Skills Measure Up

You’re reading and comprehension skills in English will be assessed through reading passages and questions about them on the IELTS test. You can sit a free IELTS reading test with your local British Council office to better understand your reading speed and fluency. It’s advisable to take an online reading assessment such as this one so you can see which areas need more practice, then allocate more time towards these areas when practicing reading for pleasure or doing self-study.

Reading quickly is a skill that can be learned and improved with practice.

  • There are three main techniques that can help you improve your reading speed: skimming, scanning, and chunking.
  • Each of these techniques has its own specific purpose and can be used together to create an overall strategy for improving your reading speed.
  • By using these techniques, you can not only improve your IELTS score but also become a more proficient reader in general.

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